Why Activ8me are Australia’s Regional Internet Specialists

July 12, 2022 11:41 am

From Satellite Internet to Regional Fibre, Activ8me Can Get You Connected

Activ8me is more than just a leader in Australian satellite internet; we’re a one-stop-shop for all your regional internet connection needs.

Depending on where you live, in the city, in regional or remote Australia, your nbn® connection type may be one of a few different types of technologies:

Plans which are available on all types of nbn® fixed-line connections.

(This includes Fibre to the Premise/Building/Node/Curb and HFC)

Plans for those within fixed wireless coverage areas.

  • Satellite

We offer three types of plans to provide more choice to users depending on their unique usage patterns: Our standard Sky Muster®, Sky Muster® Pro and Sky Muster® Plus satellite internet plans provide a range of options, including daily data allowances, which are only available from Activ8me.

No matter what type of connection you can get, our locally-based team are experts at helping regional Australians everywhere get connected to the best type of nbn technology available at their address.

Our team regularly raise tickets to the nbn on behalf of customers to get new addresses added, and assist with technology enquiries, troubleshooting and changes.

Call our team on 132288, who can walk you through working out which connection is available in your area.

Fibre/Fixed wireless/Satellite

Getting Connected

If you live in a major city, you’d be forgiven for thinking connecting an internet service is easy, no matter where you live. 

But for those living outside major metropolitan centres, often getting connected is anything but a simple task.  

Questions often result in conflicting answers, depending on who you ask. That is, in part, because the answers are dependent on your specific address. Neighbours, especially those living kilometres away, but even those just over the back fence, can have a completely different type of nbn® connection available to them.

Even knowing who to speak with to get an authoritative answer can be a challenge: Internet Service Providers tend to only know about the services they provide, without a broader understanding of how the nbn® Multi-Technology Mix works.

That’s why if you’re unsure or facing connection challenges, speak to one of our locally-based experts who are knowledgeable in all types of nbn® connections available.

Our team can review your address, advise you of your connection type, and explain all the ins-and-outs involved.

Where necessary, all our staff are trained to raise service requests to fix up address related issues with the nbn.

Keeping Country Australia Connected

We’re also experts at keeping regional Australia connected: if your Internet Service Provider isn’t working with you to solve your connection headaches with the nbn®, let Activ8me do the hard work for you. 

Every day, our locally-based Customer Care teams advocate for regional Aussies with the nbn®. Our team raise connection issues, request repair technician visits, and work directly with nbn counterparts to get our customer’s connection problems sorted out for them.

Fibre/Fixed wireless/Satellite

First Time on Satellite?

If you’re moving to region with satellite internet, commonly known as Sky Muster, for the first time, you’ll no doubt have a LOT of questions!

As leaders in satellite internet, our team are experts in explaining the Sky Muster service, what and how the Peak data allowance works and helping to quantify how much Peak data you’ll need each month.

As one of the few remaining technologies that don’t offer unlimited data, first-time users can often exhaust their monthly Peak data allowance in just a few days.

Our team can advise on steps to reduce unnecessary data use and consult with you on your specific usage behaviours to see whether a Sky Muster® Plus plan, which uses all the same equipment, would be a better alternative for your data requirements.

We can suggest handy personal tips based on your usage habits to help maximise your monthly data allowance.

You can read some suggestions to reduce streaming data use here.

Our new Sky Muster® PRO plans give Sky Muster users even more choice, with daily data allowances available. With a daily allowance instead of a monthly one, users will never have a day without Peak data to use.

We can even review your location and, if within range, request the nbn review the site and, in eligible cases, change your nbn® technology from Sky Muster to Fixed Wireless.

Can’t Find Your Address?

Even if you can’t find your address yet in the nbn® service registry, speak to our team on 132288, and we can arrange for any eligible property to be added, free of charge. 

You can search your address in our address checker, and if it’s not there, an option will be available for your location to be saved and sent to our team.

We’ll then contact you and arrange the addition of your address to the nbn® registry.

Once your address is in the registry, Activ8me can then arrange a free installation of any required nbn® equipment when you order an Activ8me service at your residence.

Supporting Local Communities

Here at Activ8me, we don’t just talk about being dedicated to regional and remote Australians; we back it up with action.

We’re proud of the support we’re able to provide to remote communities through various initiatives.

Remote Communities Champion

ACCAN - Remote Communities Champion

We believe in a future where all Australians have equal access to communications, no matter who you are or where you choose to live.

That’s why we were so honoured to have been recognised by ACCAN (Australian Communications Consumer Action Network) for our efforts in trying to tackle remote communications challenges faced by regional and remote Australian communities.

We strive every day to improve the quality of services available to those living in regional, rural and remote Australia. We are proud of the work we do with the Australian Government to ensure those in indigenous communities are equally serviced by quality internet and phone services.

Connecting Remote Indigenous Communities for the Federal Government

Activ8me were contracted by the Australian Federal Government under Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Remote Australia Strategies Programme. Since 2009, Activ8me has installed over 300 community phone & WiFi units in indigenous communities right across Australia.

These solar powered units provide all year round internet access to communities that used to have limited or no access to any internet or mobile phone services.

Major Partner of the Royal Flying Doctor Service

Activ8me is proud to be a supporter and Major Partner of the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia.  

Major Partner of the Royal Flying Doctor Service

We’ve been working with the RFDS to ensure they have the necessary technological tools to serve remote communities. In 2018/19 alone, 38,615 Australians were flown for emergency treatment by the RFDS’ aviation medical teams. 

Travelling to isolated towns with little phone and internet connectivity is just one of the many challenges the RFDS face in their day-to-day work.

Major Partner of the Royal Flying Doctor Service

We’ve installed custom-built, solar-powered ground stations at remote airstrips used by the RFDS.

Installed at locations that are ‘communications blackspots,’ these ground stations have enabled weather and navigational aids for crews trying to land.

They also provide WiFi, emergency phone access and external lighting for the airstrips.

These ground stations reduce the risk of landing in challenging conditions for RFDS pilots who previously had to rely on weather reports from hundreds of kilometres away.

You can read more about our partnership here.

Proud Supporter of the Darebin Falcons

Based in Melbourne, we naturally love our footy!

Proud Supporter of the Darebin Falcons

That’s why we are so proud to be the Major Sponsor of the Darebin Women’s Sports Club and the Darebin Falcons.

More than just a local football team, the Darebin Falcons VFLW team is nationally recognised for their achievements on and off the footy field.

For over 20 years, the Darebin Falcons have been inspiring and empowering women across Australia and leading the way in building gender equality in sports.

Speak to the Regional Connection Experts Today!

If you’re looking for a new internet connection or frustrated with your current internet service provider, give Activ8me a call.

Our team can explain what options are available to you to improve or set up a home internet connection in simple and easy-to-understand language.

We’re experts at helping Aussies living in rural, regional and remote places overcome the unique connection hurdles faced getting a reliable internet service outside the major Capital cities.

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