nbn® Fixed Wireless Plus+

What's Fixed Wireless?

nbn® Fixed Wireless internet utilises data transmitted over radio signals from a transmission tower, to an nbn® outdoor antenna connected to an indoor nbn® connection box. Activ8me can arrange for an approved nbn® installer to complete a standard installation of all required equipment free-of-charge at your premises, if it's not already installed.

What's nbn® Fixed Wireless Plus+?

Activ8me offers nbn® Fixed Wireless PLUS+. Fixed Wireless Plus is a new version of Fixed Wireless services offered by a selection of nbn® ISPs (Internet Service Providers). The key benefit of nbn® Fixed Wireless Plus is that no particular data speed is specified. You will enjoy the best speed available at your location and at your time of use, which will vary depending on factors including environmental, such as distance and line of sight to the tower, equipment (hardware and software), settings and positioning of in-home Wi-Fi modems, network and congestion issues, time of use and the number of devices simultaneously using your service. We will be able to assist you with measuring your speeds once the service has been connected at your address.

All Activ8me nbn® Fixed-Wireless™ Plus+ services include:

  • No setup costs
  • No lock-in contract
  • Free standard installation by nbn® approved installer (if not already installed)
  • Free nbn® ODU (Outdoor Unit - Antenna)
  • Free nbn® NTD (Network Termination Device – Modem)
  • Free plan changes (up-and-down!)

Why Choose Activ8me?


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Choose your wireless router

A Wireless Router is required if you want to wirelessly connect to your internet service (using Wi-Fi). You can choose to use your own compatible router, or alternatively purchase one from Activ8me that we'll send out to you pre-configured for your service.

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There are NBN Fixed Wireless regions that are experiencing service congestion. This congestion may significantly affect the performance of Fixed Wireless services during peak usage times (7pm-11pm). Speeds available to your address can only be determined once your service is activated. The Activ8me Sales Team will be able to advise if an address is affected by NBN infrastructure congestion.
They can be contacted on 13 22 88.

nbn® Wireless Plus has no particular data speed specified. A key benefit of this is that you will have the best speed available for you at your location and at your time of use. Speeds can be affected by the amount of network traffic, source of the download and equipment in use.

How Do I change from Fixed Wireless to Fixed Wireless Plus+?

If you have any existing nbn® Fixed Wireless service with another ISP, switching to Fixed Wireless Plus can be done in a matter of minutes over the phone or online.

Check the availability of Fixed Wireless Plus at your address here:

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Can Congestion Affect My Fixed Wireless Service?

Whilst every effort is made to reduce congestion, unfortunately if your nearby tower is congested then any ISP connecting your service through that tower will face the same congestion issues.
The nbn® are investing billions of dollars in upgrading towers that face congestion.

We can tell you over the phone, and will do so before you sign up, if your local tower is congested.

Fixed Wireless History

Activ8me were the first ISP in Australia to connect a residential customer to the nbn®‘s Fixed wireless network back in 2012.

Since then we’ve been offering market leading plans with unlimited data allowance and reliable service to customers Australia-wide.

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