What Internet is Available At My Address?

Search your address to see what type of broadband is available at your property

Activ8me is one of the few Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that offer all types of access technology in the nbn’s Multi-Technology Mix. We offer all types of nbn® connections, including fibre, fixed-wireless and satellite internet services.
We also offer internet to OptiComm connected estates.
That means we can offer internet and phone services Australia-wide.

Search your address below, and if your property shows up in either the nbn® service registry or the Opticomm service registry, we’ll show you the great value plans we can offer you:

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Still on ADSL or don’t think you can get nbn® where you live?
Think the rollout must have missed your house?
If your address can’t be found, there’s no need to fear!

Activ8me can have applicable addresses added to the nbn® registry.
The service is a simple process, and best of all, it’s free of charge.
Call our Sales team on 13 22 88 to discuss your options.

If your address can’t be found in either address registry, you can submit your address online in one click for our Sales team to follow up with you.

Our local Aussie team are knowledgeable and experienced in connecting regional Australians in hard-to-reach places to the nbn® for the first time, submitting new addresses to the nbn service registry every day.