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Sky Muster® Plus Premium

All data use is Unmetered

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Sky Muster® Plus

Only Video Streaming and VPN traffic from 4pm until Midnight counts towards your data allowance

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Sky Muster®

All data usage counts towards your data allowance

Plans starting from $34.95

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On Sky Muster® Plus Premium, there is no metered data! Enjoy satellite internet without a limited data allowance.

Sky Muster® Plus Premium

per month

All data is unmetered

Burst Download Speeds up to 100mbps

Where network conditions allow, some traffic may be able to receive burst speeds up to 100mbps

Powered by nbn® Sky Muster® Plus

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Acceptable And Fair Use Policy Applies

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A Wireless Router is required if you want to wirelessly connect to your internet service (using Wi-Fi). You can choose to use your own compatible router, or alternatively purchase one from Activ8me that we'll send out to you pre-configured for your service.

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nbn® Sky Muster® Plus Premium

What’s Sky Muster® Plus Premium?

Finally, a satellite service is available with completely unmetered data!

Watch Netflix and Youtube without worrying about data limits on our new nbn® Sky Muster® Plus Premium plan, powered by nbn® Sky Muster® Plus.

The Sky Muster® Plus Premium plan offers 24×7 unmetered data use meaning users no longer need to worry about managing a monthly data usage allowance.

In addition, it includes the ‘Plus’ speed tier: equivalent to our fastest, sonic tier included, with the additional potential for supplementary burst* speeds.

*Services may be able to burst up to download speeds of 100Mbps from time to time, where network conditions allow.

This enables users to enjoy higher-quality online experiences, from learning and working at home to connecting with their communities and loved ones.

This plan has unlimited data allowance, however the Sky Muster® Plus Fair Use Policy and shaping may apply.

The nbn® Sky Muster® Plus Fair Use Policy doesn’t have the same fixed data limitations as the Fair Use Policy for Sky Muster® services. In the Policy, nbn® limits what they consider to be unfair use, examples of which include routinely transferring files greater than 20MB via email, and downloading software, application, or operating system updates for more than 20 unique devices in one month. You can view the full Sky Muster® Plus Fair Use Policy Here.

Certain types of traffic may be shaped, at certain times, if required by nbn® to protect the network. Particularly peer-to-peer activities, cloud storage, software, gaming and operating system updates during busy evening hours, and other application-related data that cannot be identified by nbn co.

nbn® Sky Muster® Plus

What’s Sky Muster® Plus?

nbn® Sky Muster® Plus works on exactly the same equipment as the normal nbn® Sky Muster® services.

Instead of all your data usage counting towards your monthly data allowance, on Sky Muster® Plus only VPN-use and video streaming from 4pm until Midnight (local time) counts towards your monthly data allowance. These activities in the evenings are ‘metered,’ and count towards your monthly Metered Data Allowance.

Everything else is ‘unmetered.’
Unmetered data use doesn’t count towards your monthly (metered) data allowance, and is not slowed down when you run out of metered data.

It only has the one speed: the fastest, sonic tier that is $5 extra on nbn® Sky Muster® is included in the price of Sky Muster® Plus, with the additional burst* speeds.

*Services may be able to burst up to download speeds of 50Mbps from time to time, where network conditions allow.

If you surpass your monthly Metered Data Allowance, the speed of Metered Content will be reduced from 4pm until Midnight each day to less than 512/256 kbps, until the end of the current calendar month. Unmetered data use, particularly peer-to-peer activities, cloud storage, software, gaming and operating system updates, and other application-related data that cannot be identified by nbn co. can be shaped by nbn® to speeds of 256kbps if required, to protect the network.

It’s important to note that the shaping policy is determined and operated by nbn co, not Activ8me, and may be subject to change.


nbn® Sky Muster®

How does the data allowance work?

Services have a certain amount of Peak and Off Peak data for use each month.
Peak time is from 7am – 1am local time, Off Peak being from 1am – 7am local time.
Downloads and uploads count towards data usage.
Service speed will slow to a maximum of 128/128kbps once data allowance has been exceeded.


nbn® Sky Muster® Satellite Installation and Setup

Service Availability

nbn Sky Muster can be delivered to any fixed structure in Australia where other nbn services are unavailable, and nbn and Activ8me eligibility criteria are met.
Talk to our team if you’re unsure about your property, however if there’s more than one building on your property, you can have installations on eligible buildings that have residents.
(Your address must be outside the reach of other nbn® access technologies, and some other conditions do apply.)

But your home (be it a donga, granny-flat, house or otherwise) doesn’t need a phone line, it doesn’t need to be within 3/4G mobile coverage, it can even be completely solar-powered and off-the-grid.

If you can’t find your home on our nbn® address-checker, our team can have your home added to the nbn® registry free-of-charge.

Within 24-48 hours of our team requesting the address be added, you will be available to place an order for installation.

Multiple Sky Muster® services can be installed on the one property, but with a limit of one per freestanding structure.
Talk to our team if you’re unsure about your property, however if there’s more than one building on your property, you can have installations on any that have residents.

Suitable for ‘Off-the-Grid’ Properties

Equipment installation is possible on solar-powered homes, so it can be fitted at locations that are entirely ‘off-the-grid’. Let us know if you require a completely DC powered installation instead of the standard AC powered equipment.

Free Standard Installation

Once your order is placed, Activ8me arranges for an nbn® technician to make contact to arrange the installation time and date.

Lead times on installation depends on local demand and availability of technicians in your area at the time of order, but with nbn® contractors right around Australia, general estimates are between 2 and 4 weeks after placing the order.

The technician will install the nbn® satellite dish on your roof, as well as the nbn® modem (called an NTD, or Network Termination Device) inside the house completely free-of-charge for standard installations.

A standard installation of nbn® supplied Sky Muster® equipment

Skymuster standard install

Photo courtesy of the NBN Co.

Important: The nbn® Sky Muster® equipment is the property of nbn® and should not be removed from the premises where it’s installed, even if you move.

You can read more about nbn® Sky Muster® services from the nbn® here.

Getting a WiFi Router

You’ll need a WiFi router if you wish to create a Wireless Network in your home to connect wirelessly to the internet (for instance, with a phone or tablet).

You can use the service without a router if you have a single PC or another device you wish to connect to the internet via an ethernet cable plugged directly into the nbn® modem (NTD).

In today’s modern smartphone age, most customers prefer the simplicity of a home WiFi network for wireless internet access.

Activ8me can have a router posted out to you when you place your order – it will be all configured and ready to plug-and-play.

Our router prices are listed above. If you choose the 6-month contract option, we discount the price you will pay for an Activ8me router.

You can use another ISP’s router with our service. You’ll just need to ensure it’s not network locked to your old provider. We also cannot guarantee our Support team will be able to troubleshoot issues that may arise using a third-party router (but our Support team will do their best to try though)!

No service charges until you’re online

Only once you’re online is there any service charges.

Once the service is activated, we’ll then send you your first invoice.

Satellite Internet Service Features

Switch the service On-and-Off

With the option of a no lock-in contract and no setup fees, the Sky Muster® service is not only great for permanent residents but also perfect for owners of holiday-homes & short stay accommodation.

Once the service is installed, owners or holiday-makers can connect a new service on an existing installation very quickly, just pay for one month (or as many months as needed), then disconnect.

New services on already installed Sky Muster® equipment can be up-and-running sometimes within 30mins of placing the order. (Standard Sky Muster® activation times can take up-to 48hrs)

Free Plan Changes (up-and-down)

Customers can change plans free-of-charge at any time, with the change to take effect at the start of the next billing cycle.

Customers can change plans up or down, either over the phone or online in the Member’s Area of our website.

You can also choose to change between Sky Muster®, Sky Muster® Plus and Sky Muster® Plus Premium services with no fees or charges. (There may be some service downtime while a change is being implemented.)

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