Partner Service to Use Off-Peak Data

Every new and existing Activ8me Sky Muster™ customer is eligible to take up a 3-month free trial offer of PlayOn Cloud through a partnership with PlayOn.TV Australia.

PlayOn Cloud is a service which makes it easy to use your Off Peak Data for Netflix™ and other popular streaming sites.

How Does It Work?

  • A cloud-based video-recording service used with an active subscription for services including Netflix™, YouTube™, Amazon Prime Video™, Disney+™ and more!
  • Choose what shows are recorded to the Cloud using the PlayOn Cloud app for Android and iOS devices
  • The PlayOn Cloud app can download your chosen recordings automatically using your Off Peak Data (1am – 7am local time)

Exclusive Activ8me Offer includes:

  • 3 month Free Trial
  • 21 recording credits per month
  • No obligation to continue with PlayOn once your 3 month free trial ends

Don’t waste all that Off Peak Data included in your plan. Visit once you’ve signed up for your Activ8me Sky Muster™ service to set up your PlayOn.TV account and get started.

You must enter your Activ8me Service ID number when creating your PlayOn.TV Australia account to take up your 3 month free trial offer.

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