More Value Coming to Sky Muster Plus from July 2022

June 27, 2022 5:34 pm

Changes to nbn™ Sky Muster™ PLUS to Offer More Value

Unmetered Video Streaming (& VPN use) in New, Extended Off-Peak Hours!

Activ8me’s Sky Muster PLUS customers will soon receive more value on their services with upcoming changes automatically to come into effect for nbn Sky Muster Plus on 1 July 2022.

These changes will make a HUGE difference to how much data users can use each month, especially on video streaming like Netflix.

From 1st July on Sky Muster Plus:

  • Off-Peak hours will be extended to run ‘during the day’. (Off-Peak will run from Midnight until 4 pm local time)
  • All online activities (inc. Video Streaming & VPN use) will be Unmetered until 4pm every day. (During the new Off-Peak hours)

Unmetered EVERYTHING in Off-Peak Hours

From July, all internet activity will be unmetered during off-peak (12 midnight – 4 pm) – including video streaming and Virtual Private Network (VPN) use.

Video streaming and VPN use will only be metered during the new Peak Period (shortened to 4 pm until Midnight).

These changes mean that for 16 hours of the day, satellite customers will finally have access to do whatever they want online (including video streaming) without ever running out of data!

Extended Off-Peak Hours

Off-Peak times have always been a massive point of frustration for satellite internet Sky Muster users.

The current times of 1 am – 7 am (local time) make using Off-Peak data tricky, requiring either late nights or early mornings!

On Sky Muster PLUS from July, these Off-Peak times will be extended, so ‘during the day’ use will count towards Off-Peak data use instead of Peak data use, as it does right now.

Off-Peak times will be extended and run from Midnight until 4 pm (local time).

This means all data used before 4 pm will be counted towards Off-Peak data…

And since EVERYTHING is unmetered in Off-Peak times, users will soon be able to use as much data as they want on anything they want (video streaming, like Netflix included) without using up any data.

Current Peak/Off-Peak Times:

Peak Times:7 am – 1 am (local time)18 hours of the day
Off-Peak Times:1 am – 7 am (local time)6 Hours of the day

Peak/Off-Peak Times from 1 July 2022:

Peak Times:4 pm – Midnight (local time)8 hours of the day
Off-Peak Times:Midnight – 4 pm (local time)16 Hours of the day

Change to ‘Time of Day’ Shaping

Currently, the nbn may from time to time at their discretion, shape certain unmetered activities* between 4pm – 11pm, referred to sometimes as ‘Time-of-Day’ shaping.

This will now also apply to unmetered Off-Peak video streaming and VPN-use, and be extended to run throughout the day.

It’s worth noting that nbn will only use this shaping where necessary, to protect the network in times of use exceeding the satellite services’ capacity, as nothing will be metered (i.e. limited) during the new 16-hour Off-Peak period.

* Current unmetered activities that can be shaped are: Peer to peer traffic, uploads and downloads to cloud storage platforms, PC and smartphone operating system updates, software/application updates, gaming software updates and any internet activity related to applications which nbn cannot identify.

Do I Need to Do Anything to Get These Changes?


All Activ8me Sky Muster PLUS services will automatically have these changes applied to their services, starting from 1 July 2022.

Changing over to Sky Muster PLUS from standard Sky Muster plans is a simple and easy process, whether you’re with Activ8me or a different provider.

The process can be done over the phone or online, and you don’t require any new equipment. Activ8me can arrange the change remotely, without requiring a Technician visit.

You can change over to Sky Muster PLUS with Activ8me online by calling our local-based Sales team on 13 22 88.

What About standard Sky Muster plans?

While these changes do not apply to standard Sky Muster plans, we are working with nbn to offer additional value on traditional Sky Muster plans & Sky Muster PRO plans as soon as possible.

Activ8me understands standard Sky Muster and Sky Muster PRO plans are critical to providing the broadest range of choices possible for satellite internet consumers.

Users can always easily switch back and forth between standard Sky Muster, Sky Muster PRO and Sky Muster PLUS plans.

Changing to any other type of Sky Muster plan is a simple change that can be done over the phone.

If you’re unsure what satellite internet service is best for your needs, speak to our Sales team on 13 22 88 to determine which type of Sky Muster service suits you.

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