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Choose A Data Plan

Monthly Plan 100GB 
Internet Plan Is Good For Basic Internet Usage. Browsing, Banking, Social Media, YouTube. Intermediate Usage. Browsing, Social Media, YouTube, Streaming, Education, Home Office. Heavy Usage.
Streaming, Social Media, Gaming Education, Home Office.
Perfect for multiple users with multiple devices do all heavy data tasks like streaming.

Monthly Price


$0.39 per GB


$0.19 per GB


$0.10per GB






Want To Go Faster?

Speed up to 12/1Mbps up to 25/5Mbps up to 50/20Mbps up to 100/40Mbps
Speed Is Good For General Browsing.

Streaming TV and Movies.

(The fastest Fixed Wireless speed)

Heavy Downloaders.  All Online Activity. 

Monthly Price

Included In Monthly Price





Availability of Speeds

  • 12/1Mbps speed is not available in all areas. In these areas a minimum speed of 25/5Mbps is required at a cost of $10 per month.
    50/20Mbps and 100/40 Mbps available in fibre to the premises areas only.
  • Call 13 22 88 to find out which speed tiers are available at your premises.


Add A Phone Service (If you need one)




National Pack

Mobile Pack

Monthly Price


Total min plan cost on 12 month plan $60.00


Total min cost on 12 month plan $120.00


Total min plan cost on 12 month plan $240.00

Local Call

(per call)




National Call  (per minute)

$0.17 $0 $0

Mobile Call  (per minute)

$0.25 $0.25 $0


To buy online Click Here or call 13 22 88



Terms and Conditions

Plans and special offers may be changed or withdrawn from sale at anytime without notice. 

Plans apply to nbn Fibre, nbn Fixed Wireless, OptiComm Fibre and OptiComm VDSL only.

$49.95 setup fee applies on 12 month contract term and $99.00 setup fee applies or No Contract term. $15 delivery fee applies for equipment.

Total minimum cost for data on a 0 month contract term $138.95 (100GB), $148.40 (250GB), $153.95 (500GB), $158.40 (Unlimited).

Total minimum cost for data on a 12 month contract term $529.35 (100GB), $649.35 (250GB), $709.35 (500GB), $769.35 (Unlimted)

Equipment installation fees may be charged by nbn and OptiComm if you live in a new housing estate that doesn't yet have nbn or OptiComm equipment installed or activated. 


Plans listed in table above are based on 12/1Mbps speed pricing. Additional cost applies to upgrade your speed. 

Speeds listed are potential nbn and Opticomm network speeds, speeds to individual premises may differ. Plan speeds are slowed to a maximum of 256kbps/256kbps once monthly data allowance is used. 

Phone Service: 
Phone service is a VoIP service and requires power to operate. In case of emergency, Activ8me recommend having a backup device such as a mobile phone. Phone service is not available as a standalone product and must be connected with a Activ8me data service.

Mobile calls are to Australian mobile numbers only. Mobile call connection charge of $0.38 per call applies. 

For a full list of call rates and charges please see our Internet Phone page.


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