OptiComm Internet

FttP/VDSL Internet Plans for OptiComm Enabled Estates & Apartment Complexes

What is OptiComm™?

OptiComm is Australia's largest private-owned alternative to the national broadband network (nbn™).

OptiComm is an ASX-listed company that, similar to nbn Co., build, operate and maintain their own telecommunications 'fixed line' fibre-optic network.

OptiComm are wholesale operators, meaning they sell their OptiComm plans to OptiComm providers, like Activ8me, who then offer retail OptiComm services to customers.

All Activ8me OptiComm services include:

  • No setup costs (on a six-month contract)
  • No lock-in contract available ($98 setup fee applies)
  • Free plan changes (up-and-down!)

Why Choose Activ8me?

OptiComm™ FIBRE/VDSL Plans

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per month

Customise your speed tiers

Standard Included
Typical Evening Speeds
7pm - 11pm 11.40 Mbps
This tier is good for general browsing
Sonic + $10.00
Per Month
Typical Evening Speeds
7pm - 11pm 24.29 Mbps
This tier is good for streaming
SuperSonic + $20.00
Per Month
Typical Evening Speeds
7pm - 11pm 47.03 Mbps
This tier is good for large downloaders
HyperSonic + $40.00
Per Month
Typical Evening Speeds
7pm - 11pm 88.41 Mbps
This tier is the fastest you can go

Choose your contract term

Choose your accessories

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What’s the difference between OptiComm™ and nbn™?

They both sell wholesale internet plans, but nbn™ and OptiComm are two different networks who have separate infrastructure and ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

It’s very uncommon to have both nbn™ and OptiComm at your property.

One benefit of Activ8me is that we can supply a reliable, unlimited internet service across both nbn™ and OptiComm™ networks.

View our nbn™ Fibre plans here.

Check if your address is eligible for nbn™ or OptiComm™ by searching your address in the field below:

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You can learn more about the differences in our ‘Introduction to OptiComm’ article here.

What Modem and/or Router do I Need for OptiComm?

An OptiComm broadband connection requires OptiComm to have already provided your premise with an OptiComm Connection Box (sometimes called an ONT or NTD).

This connection box (normally in the garage) acts as your modem.

You will need to connect/purchase a router which will then distribute the connection via WiFi.

Activ8me sell several routers which are preconfigured to work on our network, taking the hassle out of it all.

You can view available routers under the ‘Choose Your Accessories’ section in the OptiComm plans above.

Alternatively, you can try using your current router.

Although we can’t guarantee a BYO router will work, we’ll do our best to help you reconfigure it to work on our network.

If you have any questions, feel free to call our Australian based team on 13 22 88.

Who can get OptiComm?

The majority of the OptiComm network are Fibre-to-the-Premise (FttP), which offers a superior performance over other Fibre-to-the-X technologies.

Connections to the OptiComm network, however, are limited to OptiComm estates.

You must live in an OptiComm broadband-enabled estate to get OptiComm internet.

Typically, you’ll find OptiComm in new or recently developed housing estates/communities, as well as some modern inner-city apartment complexes.

You can see if your premises are part of the OptiComm or nbn™ network by searching your address below:

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