Internet on Flinders Island

May 25, 2023 11:10 am

Flinders Island, Tasmania, is a hidden treasure nestled in the pristine waters of Bass Strait. While its natural beauty and tranquillity captivate residents and visitors, accessing reliable internet connectivity on the island can pose a challenge. However, thanks to the satellite internet technology of nbn® Sky Muster®, residents of Flinders Island can now enjoy dependable home internet access.  

Activ8me offers nbn® Sky Muster® plans starting from $34.95 per month and nbn® Sky Muster® Plus  plans starting from $49.95 per month, where all data is Unmetered up to 4pm daily. Only video streaming and VPN is metered after 4pm. Sky Muster® Plus plans come with free standard installation, free satellite dish and modem. There are no charges for plan changes and no lock in contracts.  

Flinders Island boasts a vibrant community and a range of local businesses, attractions, and natural wonders to explore. Here are a few highlights: 

Flinders Island Bakery: Indulge in delicious pastries, freshly baked bread, and gourmet treats at the renowned Flinders Island Bakery. 

Furneaux Museum: Immerse yourself in Flinders Island’s history and culture at the Furneaux Museum, featuring exhibits on the island’s Aboriginal heritage and early European settlement. 

Killiecrankie Diamonds: Visit the Killiecrankie Diamonds showroom to marvel at unique gemstones found exclusively on Flinders Island. 

Wybalenna Historic Site: Discover the island’s indigenous history at the Wybalenna Historic Site, a former Aboriginal settlement that offers insights into the island’s past. 

Strzelecki National Park: Explore the unspoiled beauty of Strzelecki National Park, home to diverse wildlife, stunning coastal scenery, and picturesque walking trails. 

Cape Barren Wines: Enjoy a taste of Flinders Island’s cool-climate wines at Cape Barren Wines, where you can savour exceptional local vintages amidst a picturesque vineyard setting. 

Flinders Island, Tasmania, offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  

Activ8me is a leading ISP offering satellite-based home internet to remote Australian islands for 20 years and is fully Australian owned and operated. They are also a major partner to the Royal Flying Doctor Service and a preferred supplier for Federal, State and Local Australian Government. 

So, if you’re anywhere on Flinders Island or in the other islands like Magnetic Island, Palm Island, Hamilton Island, Norfolk Island, King Island, Lord Howe Island or Kangaroo Island check your address and sign up with Activ8me or call 13 22 88 to know more about Sky Muster® plans available at your address.

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