Data Certainty for Sky Muster users with new PRO plans

April 26, 2022 10:34 am

Activ8me Launches New nbn Sky Muster PRO Plans

Get A New Data Allowance Every Day!

Activ8me have today launched a new range of nbn® Sky Muster® plans designed to solve everyday users’ common frustrations with small monthly data allowances and being left with a shaped data service and the inability to access more data until a new billing month arrives.

With nbn® Sky Muster® PRO, only from Activ8me, Sky Muster® satellite users will never again find themselves left for days (or weeks!) with only shaped access to their satellite internet service.

We’ve worked within the stringent restrictions of nbn’s Fair Use Policy (FUP) to design plans that we think will revolutionise the way Sky Muster® users consider and utilise their Peak data.

These plans allow us to offer more data, and more value, for less.

On nbn® Sky Muster® PRO, services are allocated a daily Peak and Off-Peak data allowance.

Services are still billed monthly, for a monthly price, but it means each day you’re guaranteed to have a new Peak data allowance to use (and use fully)!

This allowance doesn’t rollover to the following day, but each day, every day, you’ll have a new data Peak allowance which you can use up, without any worries about not having any data left for the rest of the month.

Each day, you can use your data allowance completely, stream as much Netflix as you can each night until your data runs out, without the fear of using up your monthly data and being stuck without internet.

nbn® Sky Muster® PRO takes the hassle and stress out of trying to ration a monthly data allowance, which is especially difficult for families with children.

Introducing NEW Sky Muster® PRO Plans:


3 GB Peak Data per day
3 GB Off Peak Data per day
per month
5 GB Peak Data per day
5 GB Off Peak Data per day
per month


These plans are only available on the fastest (Sonic) 25/5 Speed tier, which is included in the price.

Daily data allowances reset each night at Midnight, local time.

nbn® Sky Muster® PRO plans are available only from Activ8me, and no lock-in contracts, with no setup fees or cancellation fees.

You can change over today using your existing nbn® Sky Muster® equipment and router.

Switch over and revolutionise your Sky Muster experience online TODAY!

You can sign up online or by calling our Australian based team on 132288.

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