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3GB Anytime

Monthly Price $34.95
Monthly Data 3GB
Price Per MB $0.011

10GB Anytime

Monthly Price $39.95
Monthly Data 10GB
Price Per MB $0.004

Total Minimum Cost: On a 6 month contract period is $209.70 (3GB Anytime) or $239.70 (10GB Anytime).

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Why Activ8me for NBN Satellite Broadband?

  • We're Australia's largest satellite internet provider, and an acknowledged expert in rural and remote communications
  • Activ8me is an approved National Broadband Network internet service provider
  • FREE Installation to eligible customers1
  • Plans from 3GB  data per month1
  • Broadband Speeds2
  • 'Anytime' data - use your data anytime throughout the day
  • Shaped plans - no excess data charges to worry about
  • FREE plan changes^ (one per month)
  • FREE usage meter with every plan
  • Up to 5 FREE email addresses
  • FREE 1GB Web Space

What is the NBN Satellite Broadband?

On July 1, 2011 NBN Co launched the NBN Interim Satellite Service (ISS), providing eligible rural and regional Australians with immediate access to better broadband services. The new service has been designed to provide more bandwidth capacity to areas traditionally underserved by broadband access.

The NBN interim satellite service is designed to provide users with high speed broadband to a premises. The speeds received will depend on a number of factors including volume of network traffic, your location in Australia, the source of your download and type of equipment and software in use. The speeds received via the NBN will provide a similar speed to those currently experienced on existing IPSTAR satellite broadband services however the equipment used is much more reliable.

Peak speeds will be increased up to 12Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload in 2015 when NBN Co are scheduled to launch their own satellite. 

As of December 2013 capacity on the Interim Satellite Service has been reached. No more services will be added until the product launch of NBN Co's long term satellite service which is currently scheduled for 2015.

Am I Eligible For An NBN Satellite Service?

Eligibility criteria must be met before a NBN Satellite service can be installed on your property. If you are eligible according to the NBN Co Broadband Service Locator (NBN Co BSL); do not have access to a metro comparable service (as describer below) and meet the below criteria you may be eligible for the install of a NBN satellite service.

  1. a residential user;
  2. a small business;
  3. an Indigenous community organisation;
  4. a not-for-profit organisation;
  5. an education facility;
  6. a health facility; or
  7. a local government facility.

A Metro-Comparable Service means a service with the following features:

  1. access to the internet at a peak data speed of at least 512/128 kbps and 3GB per month usage allowance (with no restrictions within these limits on downloads or uploads or usage time);
  2. a price to the end user over three years of no more than $2500 (inc GST) including equipment, installation, connection, account establishment, travel costs and ongoing provision of the service; and
  3. The internet service provider offering the broadband service can install the service within a reasonable period of time.

Broadband services that would be defined as metro comparable would be ADSL, 3G or 4G Wireless/Mobile Broadband or a fixed broadband service that is listed on the NBN Co BSL.

You will need to check your eligibility and register for a service through NBN Co by phoning Activ8me on 1800 804 410 or online at:

For a complete information guide and eligibility criteria for NBN Satellite CLICK HERE.

NBN Satellite Equipment

Indoor Unit: High performance Satellite NBN Broadband

Outdoor Unit: High performance dish (usually a 1.2m roof mounted satellite dish) is specially optimised for use with the NBN modem.

Satellit Equipment Activ8me



Important Information

1. Plans and FREE installation ($0) only available to eligible customers under the Australian Government’s National Broadband Network First Release Satellite Solution.
2. NBN Satellite broadband speeds will depend on a number of factors including your location in Australia, volume of network traffic, your equipment, software and source of your download.

^Plan change request will take effect from your next month's anniversary date.

Please refer to our full Terms and Conditions

Critical Information Summary (CIS) for Activ8me NBN Satellite Broadband can be found here.