Utilising your nbn™ Sky Muster™ Off-Peak Data

February 10, 2016 11:41 pm

Sky Muster™ Off-peak data usage tips

Sky Muster™ Off-peak data usage tips

The new nbn™ Sky Muster™ satellite launching this year has the mission of delivering an improved level of service to rural and remote Australians with speeds up to five times faster than current nbn Interim Satellite Service (ISS).
To ensure end-users get a fair go with their Sky Muster™ service, nbn will have a Fair Usage Policy in place. To assist with this policy, nbn has set a peak data usage time from 7am – 1am and off-peak data time from 1am – 7am (local time) for all nbn retail service providers.
Activ8me Sky Muster™ plans offer competitive peak data and plentiful off-peak data when compared with other satellite providers. However you may be asking yourself –  how do I make the most of off-peak data between the times of 1am – 7am?
Activ8me recommends customers look at their Sky Muster™ off-peak data as bonus data, that will be helpful for software updates and large downloads that you schedule during this time.
To better maximise off-peak monthly data allowances, you can install a download scheduler to your desktop computer or mobile device that allows you to schedule large file downloads during the off-peak hours while you catch some much needed sleep.
Here are some free download scheduler resources that you can use:

With some download schedulers (once the download scheduler application has been installed) it’s as simple as choosing the day, and the scheduler will do the rest: automatically connect to the server, download the file(s), disconnect and shut down your computer after the download is complete. Other benefits include dramatically increasing your download speed and allowing you to resume and restart stopped/broken downloads. Some download managers split each file into logical chunks and download each chunk using a different connection to the server; the result of this is more reliable and faster downloads.
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