The NBN: Helping Australian Businesses Grow

September 9, 2013 5:49 pm

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The National Broadband Network (NBN) is the first wholesale-only national open access communications network in Australia. It aims to provide high speed broadband and telephone services to every home, school and workplace in the country by 2021. To achieve this, the NBN is utilising a variety of high-speed data traffic infrastructure and solutions through its use of fibre optic, fixed wireless and satellite technologies.

Aside from the invaluable benefits this new network would bring to home and school environments, small businesses, in particular, will have access to a critical resource that will allow them to become more efficient and productive enterprises.

Becoming globally competitive is always an ideal consideration in the present business environment, and the NBN Broadband Internet Service aims to revolutionise how small businesses operate and expand by improving productivity, allowing seamless access to emerging markets and reducing the cost of operations by making phone, internet, and inter-office communication more reliable and more efficient.

A list of some critical advantages to gain from the NBN Broadband Internet Service would include:

  • More effective and efficient inter-office communication through shared connections within a reliable network
  • 24/7 access to staff, clients and suppliers located in different areas across the entire country
  • High-speed connectivity that allows one to connect with clients and business partners in a variety of ways
  • The ability to access Cloud-based services that allow easier exchange of critical information, especially those that need to be shared across multiple sites within the country and even around the world.

Watch in the video below how getting on board the nbn® network has helped Courtney Statewide Computer Services take its game to the next level.

Video courtesy of nbn.

Having faster, more efficient and more reliable communications infrastructures and services is of invaluable importance for any business venture, especially for those looking to expand operations and increase productivity while at the same time reducing the cost of doing business.

Through service providers like Activ8me, the National Broadband Network will truly be a technology that’s essential for all Australians, changing our lives at home, at work and the way how we do business.

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