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  • Activ8me recognises and understands that, due to circumstances beyond their control, some customers may find themselves in a position of financial hardship where they are not able to meet various financial obligations.  These circumstances may mean that it is very difficult for customers to make their regular payments to Activ8me.
  • Activ8me can provide assistance to customers experiencing hardship and has developed a Hardship Policy that outlines the conditions attached to this assistance.
  • Customers can contact Activ8me's Hardship Assist Manager by:


03 9450 4619 (09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday ex Public Holidays)

Or, by phoning Activ8me's customer service centre on 1300 760 219 (8:00 to 21:00 Monday to Friday and 08:00 to 17:00 Saturday and Sunday) and then asking to speak to Activ8me's Hardship Assist Manager.


  • Customers are also encouraged to contact an independent financial counselor for advice on their situation. A suggested list of counselors is available at:
  • The Hardship Assist Manager will discuss the issue with the customer and assess whether they are eligible for management under the Hardship Policy. To assist with the assessment the Manager will request certain information such as:


  1. Full customer details
  2. Description of the cause or the circumstances of the hardship
  3. Some evidence to support the above description
  4. Bank and income statements
  5. Summary of existing and on-going financial obligations


  •  For Activ8me to include a Customer under its Hardship Policy, it is necessary that the Customer is willing to pay the amounts owing and is not disputing these amounts.
  • Activ8me will negotiate an appropriate payment plan and other arrangements with a customer who it has recognised as suffering a financial hardship. Some key elements of this pan are:
    The service will continue to be supplied to the customer (if they wish) for the duration of the plan. The plan may be limited in some way so that the ongoing costs to the customer are contained. But there will be no reduction in the quality of the service and the customer will continue to be entitled to the same levels of support and service availability as all other customers.
  • The intent of the payment plan is that the customer's financial obligations are ultimately resolved.
  • For the duration of the plan, Activ8me will nominate an individual officer for personal liaison with the customer.
  • If a Customer does not comply with their obligation under the plan, Activ8me reserves the right to cancel the arrangements and commence usual credit management policies.


     Financial Hardship Policy