Startups and Agritech Flourishing in Wagga

August 15, 2016 9:43 am

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Regional entrepreneurship is growing in Australia as access to fast Internet and modern technology become more easily available than before. Today, business startups and agricultural technology are flourishing in Wagga Wagga, NSW. Recently, this largest inland non-capital city in the country played host to Regional PitchFest, the first ever competition that specifically focused on rural-based tech entrepreneurs.
A number of entrepreneur  centres are emerging across regional areas. Passionate people in those communities are dedicated to working towards creating an innovative start-up culture far away from the big city lights, and prefer to do it all from the comforts of their regional areas.

Innovative startups coming out of Regional Wagga

Here are some of the well-known start-ups from Wagga Wagga that CeBIT 365 has documented:
Agtribe – is a platform for farmers to advertise machinery for hire, which otherwise might be sitting idle in the shed or paddock. The idea sprung from a Wagga farmer who needed a piece of equipment, but couldn’t justify the cost to purchase it when he only needed it at certain times of the year.
Borrow My Closet – is Wagga’s first designer rental service. BMC allows people to rent one of the available, stylish designer dresses for special occasions. It grew to prominence purely through Facebook and Instagram.
VA Client Solutions – was started by Vicky Tooze in 2012. As a career, she understood the difficulty of fitting in paid work around caring responsibilities. Her business helps other careers to get paid for work that they can do at home. This virtual assistance business helps other business with remote tasks such as reception, administration, bookkeeping, presentations, social media marketing, and various other tasks.
365cups – is run by co-working space owner Simone Eyles. This start-up tech app allows customers to order coffee from their phones. It is a win for both customers and companies. Those businesses that sign up have one more way of being discovered and they can get their orders together quicker. Customers walk away with a hot cup of Joe without waiting in line. The product works for chains or independent shops in any area that has an Internet connection.
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