Sky Muster Brings Bigger Data Allowances

January 12, 2016 11:08 pm

Rural Australians currently on the NBN’s satellite service are set to enjoy higher download allowances alongside improved services for remote school kids as the network will make greater use of its other networks beginning this 2016.
Two of the NBN’s dedicated satellites will be accessible to around three percent of homes and businesses. However, the NBN has also imposed a download limit to make sure all customers continue to get good Internet speeds even during peak periods.
The good news is, last December NBN announced higher limits of up to 75 gigabytes/month on peak times. The raise comes after the increased use of the network’s second satellite as well as its Fixed Wireless service expansion to remote locations.
An additional 75GB downloads will be given to customers on non-peak hours because it is during these times when there is less strain on the broadband capacity of the satellite service. That makes a total of 150GB total allowance each month.
Gavin Williams, executive general manager for NBN Fixed Wireless and Satellite talked about the move and how it was made possible by the 40,000 users being transferred from satellite services onto plans making use of the company’s other networks.
Satellite users of the service are set to face more restrictions compared to their counterparts in the because of the nature of the technology. A fair use policy is to be deployed in order to prevent people from downloading large amounts of data on peak periods.
NBN users who are on Fixed Wireless or Fixed Line network plans will have their downloads directed by their respective ISPs.
The NBN also has a special treat for distance education students – cheaper service.
This exclusive offer will provide each student with a fewer restrictions and a 50GB monthly allowance on top of their household’s existing services.
For every home, there will be three students eligible for the service, meaning up to 150GB of extra data per month may be enjoyed by a single household. This is excellent news for individuals lining up for Sky Muster Plans.
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