Security: Keeping Your Home Wi-Fi Network Secured

November 16, 2015 9:49 pm

wifi-securityOne way to protect your data online is by securing your Wi-Fi connection at home. You have different options that would allow you to reconfigure your router for stronger internet security, secure browsing, and a faster wireless connection.
Follow this step-by-step guide to securing a new network:

  1. Change the SSID from default to a new network name.
  2. Change the username and password for accessing the configuration settings of your router.
  3. Enable WPA2 Personal and AES encryption.
  4. Create a strong password for your encryption key that meets guidelines.
  5. Enter the password for your network on your client device after you have enabled WPA2 security features on it.

These other router tweaks will guarantee a faster and more secure Wi-Fi network.
Change the channel
Improve your router’s speed and stability by tuning the wireless channel to sidestep interference. You can use free online tools to identify which channels are the busiest at home so you can determine which to switch to next.
Give devices VIP treatment
Newer routers will give you the option to priotise some devices or apps more than others – allocating more bandwidth to them. This can give gamers a big boost when they’re playing online, or allow faster streaming of high-def videos for users viewing online content.
Select the highest speed
Again for newer, 802.11ac-capable routers, you can configure it to select the highest speed – that is if you also have the latest gadgets (laptops and/or smartphones) at home. Otherwise, if something goes awry, revert back and drop this idea.
Keep your SSID hidden
Some router models allow you to hide the SSID so it wouldn’t appear in scans whenever someone searches for nearby networks. This should keep your neighbours and visiting relatives from finding out you have a network and they won’t bug you for the password either.
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