Satellite Internet for Agriculture

December 24, 2020 9:46 am

Unlimited Data for Farms

Business Internet Plans Revolutionising Connectivity for remote Australian Agriculture

Satellite Internet with Unlimited Data

Activ8me Business Services now offers farms and agriculture operations in remote Australia, unlimited data on satellite internet with our new business and enterprise plans, which have been long overdue.

Scott Cogley, Activ8me Business Services’ Corporate Sales Manager, said that the new business-grade services come with unlimited data, configurable options for performance and tailored business SLAs which made it a far more fit-for-business than residential satellite plans.

“Activ8me has been partnering with rural and remote Australian businesses for nearly 20 years to find, or develop where necessary, Internet connectivity solutions to solve their business communications problems,” said Scott,

“This new service takes it to the next level.”

“It gives us a far better solution to offer farmers, in fact, all remote and regional businesses- supported by our business-grade networking hardware, it’s a unique offering in the Australian market,”

“I oversee a team of industry-specific Business Development Managers, so when you talk through the specifics of your business needs with us, it will be with someone dedicated to your industry.

We now have flexibility in our offering to provide a plan specific to your needs, built with industry experience and designed just for you,” he said.

Farming Internet Solutions

With new findings highlighting the billions of dollars Australian agriculture could save through the adoption of internet-enabled digital tools, Activ8me Business Services’ new business Satellite Internet plans couldn’t have come at a better time for remote Australian farming interests.

Unlike residential-grade satellite services, Activ8me Business Services Satellite Services are not limited to a monthly data allowance.

You can now finally feel safe on a satellite internet service in the knowledge there’ll be no interruption to the connection or essential online activities of your business. With low contention rates, you can also be assured of the service quality you’re paying for.

Activ8me Business Services
Farms of all types can now access unlimited data satellite internet plans through Activ8me Business Services.

For deeper insight into what the satellite service could offer the farming community, we spoke to Rod Hill, Activ8me’s Business Development Manager for Agriculture.

Rod said “all types of agriculture, farming and horticulture businesses operating in remote Australia will gain a lot from this new service. Enabling the integration of data-hungry services in farming and connectivity right across a farm property opens a whole new world of possibilities.”

“Activ8me’s solution is not just for the office, but for full farm connectivity.”

Multiple buildings can be connected.

The barn, farm office, farmhouse, farmworker accommodation and any other production buildings can share one service, utilised over large areas through point-to-point, extended WiFi and public WiFi hardware.

Activ8me Business Services’ enables farmers to start their IoT journey or capitalise on their current investment.

That may be the most advanced iteration, but even utilising more basic Internet of Things can help farming businesses dramatically improve their bottom line. Sensors to monitor feed or soil levels, automated feeding and controls of dams and other farm equipment can greatly reduce labour costs, as well as valuable time and effort.

“For precision agriculture”, said Rod,

“the vast number of sensors needed to monitor fences and troughs require much more than your average network hardware, so network setup and installation tricky without the right expertise. That’s where our field technicians come in handy: they handle all installation. Once installed it, saves time and money for the business.”

“From dairy to soybean farms, no matter the produce, ultimately there is money to be saved with our solutions. All agriculture can benefit from our internet services and custom hardware. It can monitor cattle as to where they are or how they’re feeding; it can be for grain or sugarcane: monitoring soil and air conditions.”

“Often, the first step for farmers is to set up remote management of water storage facilities, like dams or weirs, and soil monitoring in various fields.

We can integrate controls as well, allowing farmers to operate switches and other mechanical control equipment remotely.”

“The key is to find a solution that fits the customer’s unique requirements. That doesn’t just mean offering a service: our business operates around a model of developing a great solution to fit a specific use-case, then through continuous service management and improvement, learning and working with the customer to continually improve and augment our offering.”

Activ8me Business Services
Activ8me Business Services’ solution is great for small cattle stations to manage the online compliance and regulatory requirements of modern livestock farming.

“For small cattle stations who are always needing more staff which are always tricky to find and can be highly sought after, the new satellite internet plans with unlimited data open up opportunities for staff retention and attraction on farms, both in rural and remote locations,” Rod said,

“for farms of all sizes and locations, this is a great way to attract staff with the ability to access Netflix, Facebook and other online activities in their downtime.”

With public WiFi functionality, Activ8me Business Services satellite internet services even provide the flexibility for a business to offer free or paid WiFi to onsite staff lodgings, or anywhere throughout the site. With an unlimited monthly data allowance, your staff have the comfort of ongoing communications with friends and family, as well as access to streaming services such as Netflix or YouTube.

Activ8me’s Public WiFi Portal provides a completely automated way to offer WiFi to staff on a prepaid or PAYG basis, to minimise your cost. Selling WiFi access can offset some of the cost of providing internet to employees or visitors.

For large enterprise businesses or government clients with multiple geographically isolated sites, Activ8me can incorporate solar-powered units for remote satellite internet that makes the services operate completely ‘off-the-grid.’

Activ8me’s Melbourne based R&D team have designed portable solutions that can be vehicle-mounted, ground-mounted, or in a case for vehicle portability of a satellite internet connection.

With our portable mobility solutions, you can setup a satellite internet service anywhere, with minimal trouble relocating the service at a moment’s notice.

Activ8me Business Services
Activ8me Business Services’ portable satellite internet solutions can be ground-mounted, vehicle-mounted or built into a case (not pictured).

“The number of uses for our connectivity solutions is truly endless, and we’re dedicated to helping navigate your business to success with a bespoke solution,” Rod said.

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