Public Wi-Fi Security Tips

September 6, 2015 10:18 pm

The Internet has now become available to everyone. It is so easy to access that even individuals on the go can get connected and browse the web. Thanks to public Wi-Fi, anyone with an Internet-ready gadget can surf the web.
Still, there are those who feel hesitant to use public Wi-Fi – and for good reason!
There are dangers surrounding public Wi-Fi that most people remain unaware of. Hackers have been known to prey on public Wi-Fi users, stealing personal information and other confidential data and using them for nefarious purposes.
These tips will help public Wi-Fi users stay safe online.

Subscribe to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service

For a secure way to browse the web when using public Wi-Fi, VPN is the way to go. Hackers will not be able to easily access your network as the connection gets channeled through a series of security options.

Switch the sharing option off

Sharing stuff through Wi-Fi is easy and convenient, but poses risks when the remote login option is switched on. If you are on a public Wi-Fi connection and the sharing option is open, anyone near you and your device will get the chance to hack your network. The best way to keep hackers at bay is to switch off sharing options.

Stop devices automatically connecting to public Wi-Fi networks

Allowing devices to automatically connect to available public Wi-Fi networks leaves it susceptible to hacking. A change in your device’s network/connectivity settings can solve this problem. If you choose to ignore it, the next time you’re in range of a free public Wi-Fi network, hackers could steal important data and use your personal information for their illegal activities.
Make the move from HTTP to HTTPS. The move to another protocol will help keep your information safe because it no longer transfers data in form of plain text. Hackers will be kept out and away from your important passwords and online accounts.
Following these steps can help you outsmart hackers and ensure your browsing habits remain safe and secure – even when you’re on public Wi-Fi connections.

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