Connecting your internet with Opticomm.

May 30, 2018 3:34 pm
Connect your opticomm fibre internet with Activ8me

Connecting with Opticomm

If you’ve moved or are looking at moving into new housing developments like Oran Park, Springfield lakes, Lara, as well as many others, you’re probably familiar with the Opticomm name. To put it simply, Opticomm are a company that have built their own fibre network in order to provide new residential and commercial estates with high-speed internet. You cannot choose whether you connect with the NBN or Opticomm – the choice is made by the developers when building your estate. To find out which network you can connect to, simply enter your address here.
Newer housing estate builders and developers are often choosing to utilise this alternate high-quality optic fibre network in order to provide high-speed internet to residents. Whilst there’s a lot of information around connecting with the NBN, not all internet service providers can connect Opticomm residents. Some residents can be surprised when contacting their existing provider for their new estate’s internet connection, only to find that their old provider cannot service them. Don’t worry, because Activ8me is here for your Opticomm connection needs.
What’s the difference between Opticomm and NBN?
The main difference is in who builds and maintains the fibre infrastructure. Beyond that, it gets into technical specifications in terms of the type of connection (Opticomm only provides FTTP – Fibre to the premises), while NBN provides other connection types too. For Opticomm enabled residents, you’re getting a great method of connection that supports the highest speed connection available.
A huge advantage to this network is that it operates 100% over optic fibre, while the NBN utilizes a mix of optic fibre plus other older infrastructure such as copper wiring and coaxial cable. This enables much higher speeds, a more reliable service, and room to scale up traditional internet speeds in the future. Currently Opticomm matches NBN providers speeds top out at 100Mbps, but this 100% fibre network is capable of providing much higher speeds than this in the future. When connecting through Activ8me, customers can choose from four different speed tiers depending on budget and speed needs.
Opticomm connections are available to relatively smaller portions of the population due to the time it takes to build this next-generation infrastructure, hence why it’s generally available at new or recently developed estates.
How do I get connected?
Just like the NBN, you can connect with Opticomm via your friendly internet service provider – although not all providers are able to connect you. Getting set-up with with Activ8me is easy, just choose our Opticomm Fibre option, or call our customer service team on 13 22 88.
Which estates can connect with Opticomm?
As of the time of writing, the below estates can connect through Opticomm:
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