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Opticomm Fibre Broadband

Activ8me Fibre for OptiComm Estates & Apartments

Activ8me are providing superfast fibre broadband internet to OptiComm fibre optic enabled housing estates and apartment complexes in Victoria, NSW and QueenslandIf you live in an OptiComm enabled premises in one of these states, we can connect you!

Why Choose Activ8me?

  • Competitively Priced Plans
  • Large Data Allowances
  • Use Your Data Whenever You Want (No peak or off-peak)
  • Freedom To Change Your Plan Once A Month^
  • Short Term Contracts

Plan Options

STEP 1 of 4: Select your monthly data allowance


Price per month $39.95
Price per GB $0.39

250 GB

Price per month $49.95
Price per GB $0.19


Price per month $54.95
Price per GB $0.10


Price per month $59.95
Price per GB $0.06
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STEP 2 of 4: Select your speed

Which speed suits you? STANDARD
Extra $10 per month
Extra $20 per month
Extra $30 per month
Good for General Browsing. Good For Streaming. Great for Large Downloaders. The Fastest You Can Go.
Download speeds Up to 12 Mbps Up to 25 Mbps Up to 50 Mbps Up to 100 Mbps
Upload speeds Up to 1 Mbps Up to 5 Mbps Up to 20 Mbps Up to 40 Mbps
Speed estimate compared to ADSL2+ Comparable, and in some cases better than ADSL2+ services in some areas. Up to 2 x Faster Up to 4 x Faster Up to 8 x Faster
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STEP 3 of 4: Select your plan term

No Contract

  • $99 Setup Fee
  • Wi-Fi Router: $99

12 Months Plan

  • $49.95 Setup Fee
  • Wi-Fi Router: $44.95
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Due to strict requirements from nbn regarding the model of FTTN modem that can be used on the nbn FTTN network, a FTTN modem purchased from Activ8me is mandatory as it is configured to comply with nbn network guidelines.

Step 4 of 4: Customise your phone plan (optional)

Plan Basic Call Pack National Call Pack Mobile Call Pack
Monthly Price
$5.00 /month
$10.00 /month
$20.00 /month
Local Call

(per call)

$0.11 $0 $0
National Call

(per call)

$0.17 $0 $0
Mobile Call

(per minute)

$0.25 $0.25 $0
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Equipment is required to use a VoIP Internet Phone Service. Equipment must be purchased from Activ8me for $95. If you choose a $20 Mobile Call Pack plan on a 12 month contract, the equipment will be $0. A $15 equipment delivery fee applies to VoIP equipment orders.

Alternatively, call now on 13 22 88 to check availability and place your order.

$ 00.00

per month

Setup Fee: $00.00

Total: $00.00


      Important Information

  • Broadband plan fees are charged monthly in advance. A 1% Merchant Service Fee is charged on payments made with MasterCard or Visa.
  • Download times listed are estimates only, actual download times at individual premises may vary. 
  • When your monthly data quota is reached, your speed will be slowed up to a maximum of 256kbps/256kbps.). 
  • ^Plan change request will take effect from your next month's anniversary date.
  • If you’re not the owner of the property where the service is installed, you must obtain the owner’s consent to the installation of your service, including where the equipment is installed in your home.
  • Activ8me sell TP-Link manufactured wireless routers. TP-LINK offer a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty on their equipment. If you would like to know the specific model details, please ask one of our sales staff for details.
  • Please refer to our terms and conditions.


Total Minimum Cost: On a 0 Month Contract Term: $138.95 (100GB), $148.95 (250GB), $153.95 (500GB), $158.95 .95 (Unlimited) plus the cost of a speed pack upgrade (if applicable).

On a 12 Month plan term $529.35 (100GB), $649.35 (250GB), $763.35 (500GB), $769.35 (Unlimited) plus the cost of a speed pack upgrade (if applicable).

Speeds listed are OptiComm potential network maximum speeds. Activ8me manages its network so that there is sufficient capacity to support the quoted speeds.  However, actual speeds to individual premises may still vary. Speeds can be affected by the volume of traffic on the general Internet, the number of users online, your equipment, software, and the source of your download. Speeds provided over a Wi-Fi connection may be slower than a direct connected Ethernet connection. 

Offers and plans may change at any time without notice.