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No setup on 12 month contract term. Setup on month to month contract is $98. The setup fee is non refundable. VDSL services are required to purchase a VDSL modem from Activ8me at a cost of $85 (12 month contract) or $110 (No lock in contract) plus $15 delivery. The Standard tier uses Opticomm speed tier 12/1Mbps, the Sonic tier uses Opticomm speed tier 25/5Mbps, the SuperSonic tier uses Opticomm speed tier 50/20Mbps and the Hypersonic uses Opticomm speed tier 100/40Mbps. Typical evening speed (7pm – 11pm) 10.5Mbps on OPTICOMM12, 23.1Mbps on OPTICOMM25, 46.3Mbps on OPTICOMM50 and 88.2Mbps on OPTICOMM100. Speeds can be affected by the amount of network traffic, source of the download and equipment in use.