NFF Teams Up to Boost Digital Connectivity in the Bush

January 3, 2017 8:37 am


Regional Australia is about to get a connection boost, thanks to the efforts of The National Farmer’s Federation and like-minded groups.

According to Farm Online, the NFF will team up with similar organisations to lobby for better digital connectivity in far-flung areas of Australia.
Advocacy groups came together to end the ‘data drought’ by forming the Regional, Rural and Remote Communications Coalition or RRRCC.
The newly formed group aims to improve connection and communication services for rural, remote or regional areas.
The RRRCCC includes the NFF, the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network or ACCAN, the Isolated Children’s Parents Association, Country Women’s Association of NSW and AgForce Queensland.
Residents in rural Australia have long suffered with poor, spotty connections making life difficult. This affects them in areas including education, health and farming, as new  techniques require an Internet connection.
Thanks to this newly formed group and the nbn, it seems rural and remote areas will finally get the Internet they deserve.
The nbn launched a new satellite last year to help make digital connectivity in rural and regional Australia a reality. The nbn™’s Sky Muster satellite brings better satellite internet connectivity to regional Australia.
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