NBN roll out expansion benefits Wimmera.

January 27, 2015 10:14 pm

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The latest NBN rollout plan includes parts of Dimboola, St. Arnaud, Warracknabeal and surrounds, with a total of 8,000 premises targeted to receive the technology.
The next two years will be beneficial for parts of Wimmera as the NBN technology progressively becomes available in their area.
At a community event at the Murtoa Mechanics Hall, Murtoa, Pimpinio, and Haven officially moved onto the network.
Rupanyup and Minyip can be expected to do the same in the weeks ahead.
The new MTM (multi-technology mix) approach will bring full fibre to some areas, and FTTN (fibre-to-the-node) to the rest.
Trent Williams, NBN Co spokesperson, emphasised NBN Co’s commitment to providing all Australians with fast broadband at the soonest possible time – the goal made possible by the new multi-technology approach.
He also stressed that even if some areas are not included in the latest rollout expansion plan, there is no need to worry, because ultimately, no one will miss out on the technology. By 2020, NBN Co aims to have all Australian residences and businesses connected to the network.
Today, over 69,000 homes and businesses in Victoria are already connected.
NBN Co’s construction schedule will be updated quarterly.

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