NBN Reaches Key Milestone

May 26, 2015 5:38 am

nbn_logoAs of yesterday (26thMay), there are 1 million Australian premises that connect to the National Broadband Network (NBN). This includes satellite, fibre, and fixed wireless connections, and is a key milestone for the NBN.
The NBN is rapidly expanding its reach through Australia and is the cornerstone to the Government’s quest to turn Australia into a leading digital economy.
Author of Towards a Super Connected Australia, Bernard Salt spoke of what this means for Australians:
“The next generation will be even better connected with the global community which will open up new business, trade and cultural opportunities. We may even see a sprout in niche sporting and entertainment options which we have never had access to such as the thrill of Canadian curling or the drama of live heart surgery.”
“This level of super connectedness will help deliver Australians the lifestyle they have always wanted:  better connectivity to close the digital divide, enhanced personal relationships and to facilitate the pursuit of new leisure interests.”
Currently over 870,000 homes and businesses are experiencing faster connectivity due to the NBN.
However, despite the NBN’s high profile in the media, many consumers are still facing confusion on how to sign up to the service, who does what and how to get connected.
Activ8me advice specialists can help guide you through the process:

  • How to get connected
  • Choosing the right data and voice plan
  • Benefits of new NBN technology

To get in touch with Activ8me advice specialists, please go to or call 1800 80 44 10.

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