NBN powers video marketing growth among businesses

July 8, 2015 9:40 pm

According to the latest data from NBN™, over a million Australian homes and businesses are now able to connect to the NBN, with 500,000 of them already connected.  Continuing improvements in device technology, plus upgrades by telcos also contribute to improving Internet speeds in Australia.
That means Australians subscribed to NBN-enabled services no longer endure long waiting and loading times when watching videos. Users can now easily watch content on their PCs and mobile. For small and medium-sized businesses, these are the types of improvement that would highly benefit their digital marketing strategies.
The power of online video is something business owners are now able to tap into. Businesses can easily post their own video marketing content on their websites and social media accounts, as well as send it through email.
The arrival of Netflix and other subscription streaming services also fuel the ongoing video explosion.
In Cisco’s VNI forecast, video is predicted to account for as much as 81 percent of Internet traffic come 2019.
Businesses can use web videos to tell their story, humanise their brand, and connect with their fans and customers in a more personal and engaging way. Many business owners report that introducing themselves to clients and giving them an idea of how the business’ products and/or services work are best done with videos.
Time is of the essence for most consumers who are always busy and on-the-go. This makes video the best and most effective method of getting hold of a bulk information and taking a minute or two to absorb it all as opposed to reading hundreds, if not thousands of words on the subject. It’s not surprising then that consumer with access to online product videos are 85 percent more likely to purchase.
Apart from the rise of high-speed Internet in Australia, technological advances have also reduced video production costs significantly without affecting quality. Even video equipment has now been made more mobile and user-friendly.
Businesses considering video production for audiences must keep in mind who they are making those videos for. Relevant content is still the key to engaging viewers and keeping things interesting and fresh. As the National Broadband Network continues to be rolled out, the demand for video is only expected to increase.


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