nbn Fixed Wireless Coverage is Expanding

October 4, 2023 9:30 am

Satellite Customers in Eligible Areas will soon be able to access Unlimited Data Allowances on Fixed Wireless for just $69.95 per month.

Activ8me has been involved with fixed wireless since the beginning; being a rural and remote connections specialist, we were the first ISP (Internet Service Provider) to connect a residential user to the nbn® fixed wireless network back in 2012.

As nbn upgrade and expand the fixed wireless network to cover more regional addresses, we’ll offer the chance to take up this free-of-charge technology upgrade from satellite (Sky Muster®) for all our existing customers in eligible areas.

In addition to existing customers, all other residents in eligible locations can upgrade their home internet to fixed wireless. If you have Sky Muster, we’ll explain the process – if you don’t, you can still sign up and get the fixed wireless hardware installed free of charge for standard installations.

What are the benefits of Fixed Wireless?

An nbn Fixed Wireless service uses data transmitted over radio signals back to a fixed wireless tower nearby to connect premises to the nbn network.

This connection is typically used in regional areas where the distance between premises can be many kilometres. Data travels from a fixed wireless transmission tower to an nbn outdoor antenna fitted to the premises by an approved nbn installer.

This standard installation is completed free of charge.

The benefits of fixed wireless over satellite are the ability to achieve faster speeds and more reliable internet access, as the service utilises ground-based towers and fibre-optic cabling from towers back to connection centres.

What plans are available on Fixed Wireless?

Unlimited data allowances are available on Activ8me’s Fixed Wireless Plus service for just $69.95 per month. There are no setup fees, even on a no-lock-in, month-to-month contract.

If you don’t need unlimited data allowance, we also offer 100GB and 250GB data allowance plans for $59.95 p/mth and $64.95 p/mth, respectively.

You can use your existing compatible router or purchase a new one when you sign up. If you have a router you’re using on a Sky Muster service; it will be compatible with Fixed Wireless as long as it’s not ‘locked’ to another ISP.

The benefit of Fixed Wireless Plus is that the service offers the fastest available speed at your location without any speed tier limit imposed by Activ8me.The actual speed your service can receive is specific to each individual location and can only be determined once your service is connected.

For more information, refer to the nbn Key Facts Sheet, which can also be found on the nbn Fixed Wireless product page.

Instead of relying on the Sky Muster satellites in geosynchronous orbit that involve unavoidable latency for their transmissions, the data is transferred between your connection and the nearby Fixed Wireless tower, meaning a speedier feel to your browsing experience.

Later in 2023 or early 2024, Activ8me and nbn will launch even faster speed tiers for Fixed Wireless, increasing the available speeds on the service even further, above 100mbps download speeds.

These new High-Speed Tiers will be launched once nbn completes further upgrades to its Fixed Wireless network, incorporating 5G into its towers to allow for greater speeds, expanded reach and improved reliability.

How much does the upgrade to Fixed Wireless cost?

Nothing! Changing over to Fixed Wireless includes free standard installation, and you can even arrange to have your old Sky Muster hardware deinstalled if you wish, also free of charge.

Fixed Wireless services have no setup fees, and that’s also available with the option of a no lock-in contract.

Can I keep my Sky Muster connection?

Yes, you can keep your existing Sky Muster connection. You can keep it as a backup or use both services concurrently. You can also remove the Sky Muster service and hardware if you wish.

How Can I Request my Sky Muster installation be Removed?

You can request a deinstall of your Sky Muster equipment by filling out your details on the Removing Satellite equipment form on the nbn website. The nbn will arrange for a technician to attend to your site and remove the equipment.

What’s the Process to Upgrade from Sky Muster satellite to Fixed Wireless?

  1. Speak to Activ8me and confirm your address is eligible.
  2. Sign up with Activ8me on a Fixed Wireless plan.
  3. An appointment is booked for an nbn technician to attend your premises to install a new antenna on the roof and a new Fixed Wireless NTD inside the premises.

Please note not all locations can get line-of-sight to a nbn Fixed Wireless Tower. This may be due to trees, hills or other objects blocking the line of sight to the tower.

If this is the case, the technician cannot install nbn Fixed Wireless equipment, and the order will be cancelled.

No fees or charges are associated if you cannot install your fixed wireless service.

What areas are getting Fixed Wireless Upgrades Soon?

Late September and early October involve a first batch of new eligible addresses stretching across the country, including QLD, Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia.

Contact Activ8me on 132288, and we can confirm if and when fixed wireless will be coming to your address.

More addresses and areas will be eligible for this upgrade over the coming 12-18 months.

How can I see if I’m eligible?

Please speak to our Aussie-based regional internet experts on 132288, and our Sales team can let you know if-and-when your address is earmarked to be eligible for a fixed wireless upgrade.

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