NBN Broadband Becomes Available in More Local Areas

January 20, 2015 9:13 pm

Residents and business owners in Brombin, Rolland Plains, Sancrox, and Comboyne regions can now connect to the NBN through fast fixed wireless technology after the National Broadband Network made its fixed wireless service available in the hundreds of premises around these areas.
According to Telstra Country Wide, these premises around the greater Wauchope region are the first to be “NBN fixed wireless enabled.” The areas of Telegraph Point, Rawdon Island, Blackmans Point, and Fernbank Creek are expected to be next in line in the coming months.
Residents in the now NBN broadband-service enabled areas will now be able to connect multiple devices to the Internet through the new broadband service. The fast and reliable connection helps businesses operate more efficiently, and it gives households better access to uninterrupted online entertainment.
According to Mike Marom, general manager North West NSW for Telstra Country wide area, the launch of Telstra services on NBN Co’s fixed wireless network late last December marks the dawn of a new era for local residents and businesses that now have access to a variety of new services.
He further stated that in the past two years, there has been a dramatic increase in Internet usage among households, and that the fixed wireless services of Telstra on the National Broadband Network provide the bandwidth needed to support the numerous devices average households use to connect online. Fixed wireless also allows residents that are eligible for the service to get landline and broadband bundles.
Mr. Marom said they strongly encourage customers in these areas to pay Telstra a visit and to sign up for their services in order to experience the benefits of superfast broadband.
“We look forward to working with residents and businesses around the greater Wauchope region over the coming months to answer all their questions and help them with their NBN connection journey,” he said.
Since launching, over a thousand homes around the Brombin, Rollands Plains, Sancrox, and Comboyne regions have eligibility to connect to the fixed wireless service.
The fixed wireless network of NBN Co gives communities that are outside major towns and cities access to high-speed internet.
To deliver services, fixed wireless makes use of 4G technology that becomes accessible to a fixed number of premises via antennas outside the home, which are connected to the NBN box within the home by a cable, Telstra explained.

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