The NBN arrives in Sydney

February 19, 2015 9:01 pm

NBN arrives in Sydney
Beginning February this year, 3,600 homes and businesses in the Western Suburb of Penrith will be making the switch over to the NBN as the construction rollout of the National Broadband Network reaches Sydney.
Included in the scheduled switch over are parts of Blacktown, Lidcombe, Homebush, Richmond/Windsor, and Riverstone.
NBN Co announced that the transition of some 20,000 homes and businesses to the network, which will run from February to April, will make them the first in Sydney to complete the shift to the NBN.
In line with the announcement, the company has called for the remaining homes and businesses in the said regions to get in touch with their preferred ISPs and phone companies and to place their orders for NBN wireless-enabled services ASAP.
Fibre-to-the-basement recipients
In January, Chief Officer for NBN Co John Simon, said high rise buildings in the ACT, Melbourne, and Sydney will be the first to receive the FTTB as the planning, design, and construction of fibre-to-the-basement services gets underway.
According to Mr. Simon, more than 40 apartment blocks with roughly 6,000 end users were some of the first recipients; by the end of March this year, 2,000 of them will be ready for service.
Since adopting the Multi-Technology Mix (MTM) model, FTTB has been included in NBN Co’s improved rollout process in its goal of delivering fast broadband to Australians sooner rather than later; specifically targeting 2020 to connect 8 million homes to the NBN.
Telecommunications and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will have access to the FTTB in March of this year.

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