Is 100Mbps from the NBN Fibre Service Enough?

December 2, 2013 3:57 pm

NBN Fibre Service

As if 50Mbps download and 25Mbps upload is not enough to keep you virtually happy, there is the NBN fibre service that doubles these speeds for you. Although these super fast internet speeds can be affected by factors outside your control such as the quality of equipment, software and network, the fact remains that being connected to the internet via fibre optic cables is a richer virtual experience than a copper wire.
With 93% of Australia becoming NBN fibre-ready, it is important to ask is 100Mbps truly enough? What can you do with fibre that you can’t with the traditional copper wire technology?
Imagine downloading an album of your recent family reunion. You want all 4 GB worth of shots on your desktop. If you are still hooked to the internet via an ADSL connection, it might take you more than a couple of hours to have every photo in a folder. With an NBN fibre connection, however, it will take you a lot less than a couple of hours. You might even have all the photos on your desktop in less than 10 minutes.
With so many movie and TV streaming websites these days, the television set in the living room definitely takes a huge backseat. As it gathers dust, your 100Mbpss download speed from a fibre connection can allow you to stream your favourite shows and even movies without buffering and annoying interruptions. You can even download a full TV show worth 350MB or an HD movie worth 1.4 GB in less than 2 minutes.
For those who need to be around the house 24/7, but itching to find a way to earn more for the household, a home-based employment is definitely possible with the NBN fibre service. Gone are the days when in order for one to be employed, he or she has to go outside of the residence, and stay from 8 to 5 in an office in the metropolis. The commute to work and back home can definitely take its toll among employees. If you want to avoid the hassle of a commute, concentrate with work while keeping the house organised, all those are possible with a fibre service.
What about you, do you think that 100Mbps is enough? What are the other activities that you do with a fibre service?


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