Holiday online shopping: simple security tips

November 17, 2015 10:38 pm

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The holiday season is a time for retailers to enjoy mega sales. For the online community however, it is also a time when cybercriminal activity is high.
How can online shoppers enjoy nbn fast internet for their holiday shopping and prevent themselves from falling victim to online shopping hoaxes?
These simple shopping tips can help increase security online.
Check the URL
Start with the domain name. Read it carefully to check for anything unusual like an extra letter, or misspellings. Also, the ending must not be different from the usual .com or .org, and the beginning of web addresses should be https:// – these are indicators that the site is secure.
Keep computer software up to date
Outdated software is vulnerable software. Make sure yours is updated before you do any online shopping to make it difficult for hackers to access your information.
Use strong passwords
The key to your online accounts consists of your username and password. Use strong passwords to protect personal and financial information you may have stored on online shopping websites where you keep an account.
Look for payment seals
For an extra layer of security, check your favourite shopping websites for secure payment seals like Norton Secured or VeriSign. These are critical indicators that verify the legitimacy of the website you are making your transaction on and make your information secure via SSL – another data encryption method over the Internet.
Do your research
Find out how much the item you want to buy costs at other shops. If you can’t find the exact product, follow the general price range of items of a similar category. Remember to watch out for deals that appear to be too good to be true. It could be a bogus bargain.
Once you’re ready to transact, take note of the following:
Choose credit over debit. In the event your financial or payment information becomes compromised, the last thing you want to happen is for the thief to drain the funds from your bank account. It is wise to use a credit card as it poses a lower risk and gives you the chance to dispute any unauthorised or fraudulent transactions which may have taken place without your knowledge.
Check bank and credit card statements. Be vigilant and regularly check billing statements to quickly identify any unauthorised transactions on your accounts. Depending on your bank, you may have 30-60 days to report any fraudulent activity.
Stay secure both online and in-store this holiday season by protecting yourself against cyber criminals and thieves as you shop.
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