FarmGuide 2015-2016

December 17, 2015 9:30 pm

FarmGuide is a national publication that is delivered to farmers and farming related businesses right across Australia.
FarmGuide is produced in conjunction with the state farming bodies is a farmers’ most important directory containing a host of helpful information and supplier listing in the following categories:

  • NSW Farmers Association
  • Weather
  • Land & Water Management
  • Livestock
  • Pest Control
  • Farm Safety
  • Insurance & Financial Services
  • Automotive


Activ8me being the telecommunications sponsor for NSW Farmers is listed in the FarmGuide NSW 2015-16 directory.  Additionally, Activ8me contributed to the FarmGuide editorial content with an article on “Getting the Most Out of nbn” including helpful hints for farmers on managing their precious data.

Farmers are strongly encouraged to use the guide, as a percentage of the revenue goes directly back to the farming organisations, ensuring they are able to continue to fight and support the issues that are important to rural Australia.
The 2015-16 NSW FarmGuide is now being delivered, so be on the look-out for it.
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