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How do I sign up for Internet Phone?

If you are signing up for an Activ8me Broadband service you can choose Internet Phone as an option during the sign up process. If you already have a broadband service you can sign up for a Internet Phone service by calling our sales team on 13 22 88.

Billing & Charges

How am I billed?

Activ8me Internet Phone is a post-paid phone service, much like a regular land-line. Each month you will be billed the monthly service charge and any calls made in the previous month.  

How are calls charged?

Calls to your Australian fixed lines are charged at a flat untimed rate.Calls to International destinations are charge at the corresponding rate, timed by the second and rounded up to the nearest whole cent.  

How do I nominate an authorised account representative?

To add a nominated representative to an account the account holder must call support or accounts on 1300 760 219 and request to add an authorised representative to the account. This will allow the authorised representative to speak to the accounts and support department in future without requiring confirmation from the account holder. Alternatively a signed letter can be sent by the account holder nominating an authorised representative via fax or post.  

What will callers pay to reach me on my VoIP service?

Callers will pay the rate to call your chosen exchange.  

What am I charged for calls to 13 and 1800 numbers?

Calls to 13 and 1300 numbers are charged at 30c per call. Calls to 1800 numbers are free.  

Can I make calls to 19 numbers?

No, 19 numbers are not currently supported by Activ8me VoIP.  

Can I access directory assistance?

Yes. Calls to Telstra Directories 1223 cost $1.50 per minute and calls to 1225 cost $3.00 per minute.

Can I review my call usage in detail?

Yes, in My Account on the Activ8me website, you can view an itemised account of all calls made.  

Is data from VoIP calls counted towards my monthly broadband usage?

Data usage incurred while using VoIP services will count towards your monthly internet data usage. Just as a very general guide, talking on VoIP for 1 hour consecutively would consume approximately 30MB of data. Our NBN internet services are designed with VoIP usage in mind by offering large data allowances.  


General Information
What is Activ8me Internet Phone?
It is a customised Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service developed by Activ8me.It allows high quality, low cost phone calls from customer premises to the standard land line telephone service (PSTN). It is an add-on service for Activ8me broadband customers.
What phone number will I get with Activ8me Internet Phone?
You will be able to choose choose a number from about 20 capital city and regional exchanges.  
What is the equipment fee for?
The equipment fee includes supply of a preconfigured Linksys ATA, cabling, and establishment of the Activ8me VoIP configuration on your broadband connection and in the switching network, as well as shipment to your location.  
Can I make VoIP calls from different rooms in my house?
The simplest way is using a cordless phone. You can obtain multi-handset cordless phones so you can leave a handset near the computer, another in the kitchen and another in the bedroom. Many offer propagation over longer distances, and may work outside.  
Can the handset I use for Internet Phone be used for my normal landline still?
No. Activ8me recommends you use different handsets for your Internet Phone service and your land line phone (PSTN) service.  
Can I use Internet Phone when my computer is off?
Yes. As long as your modem is operational, and your Linksys ATA (Voice box) is powered and connected, you can make/receive calls.  
Can I configure the Analog Telephone Adapter?
The configuration of the Linksys ATA (Voice box) is locked and not accessible for any other configuration. The unit is already pre-configured and no extra configuration is necessary.
Unauthorised changes to the Linksys voice gateway may cause disruption of the service and may require the unit to be sent back to Activ8me for reconfiguration. Corrections necessitated by unauthorised activity will be charged to your account. 
Can I make call while browsing the internet?
Yes. You can make calls while browsing the Internet. However, your web browsing may affect the quality of your Activ8me VoIP calls, depending on the amount of data traffic passing through your Internet connection. For example, the effect may be similar to being on a shaped service that has been slowed once the monthly data limit has been exceeded.  
Can I use a fax machine with Activ8me Internet Phone?
T.38 Fax mode has been enabled on Activ8me Internet Phone, and many users successfully send and receive files. However, due to the wide range of fax machines in use, Activ8me does not guarantee or provide support for fax.  
Can I use Activ8me Internet Phone with another internet connection?
Activ8me Internet Phone is only supported by Activ8me in conjunction with an Activ8me broadband service.
How do I connect to Internet Phone?
Only Activ8me customers can connect to Internet Phone. To sign up for Internet Phone sign into 'My Account' and connect click on 'New Service Offers'.  
Do I need a new phone handset?
No. Your Activ8me Internet Phone service works with virtually any analog phone handset, including cordless phones. However, the quality of the handset can make a difference.  
How long will it take to get my new service?
The hardware for your service should be shipped within 7 days of your order if you are an existing customer. If you order with a new Activ8me broadband connection, it will be delivered directly to you around the time of installation.  
How does the service get installed?
The kit is for simple self installation. Easy-to-follow instructions are provided.  
How long will it take to get my new service?
The hardware for your service should be shipped within 7 days of your order if you are an existing customer. If you order with a new Activ8me broadband connection, it will be delivered directly to you around the time of installation.  
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