Do you know what a POI is?

June 14, 2017 5:22 pm

Activ8me currently have an offer for customers on certain POI’s to receive $100 credit when they join by June 30* – but do you know what a POI is?
POI stands for Point Of Interconnect. For an end-user, your internet experience may be as simple as just connecting your home, but in reality there’s a whole lot more that happens before it gets to this point.
There are 121 Points of interconnections, usually housed in telephone exchange networks. These are where RSP’s such as Activ8me connect to the nbn network, either by buying an entire POI or buying wholesale through a larger RSP.
This is how your data travels:
You click a link on your computer, which sends data to your router, who sends it to the nbn network. The network takes it to the local exchange building, which is not likely to house a POI, and will then travel along the ‘transit network’ to find the closest POI. Once it reaches it, a service providers network (retail or wholesale) takes control. This means that the nbn sits between your home and the closest POI.
Backhaul networks carry data between the POI and the nearest data centre, before sending it away to it’s destination. These networks can be owned by an RSP, but many lease from a larger RSP who maintains ownership and responsibility over the network.
The POI essentially acts as a bridge between the nbn and RSP, and each of these three technologies needs to function as intended to provide quality service to the end users.
If you’re connected to Activ8me’s Bathurst, Horsham, Dubbo or Coffs Harbour POI’s, you could connect to the Activ8me network today and receive a $100 credit towards your new account.
To find out if you’re eligible, call Activ8me’s Australian based sales team on 13 22 88.

Terms and conditions:
*$100 credit only available in selected areas. To redeem offer call 13 22 88. Not redeemable for cash. Not available in conjunction with any other offer. Offer expires June 30, 2017

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