Diagnosing Why Your Internet is Slowing Down

December 21, 2015 9:54 pm

Slow Internet can be a real productivity killer. It takes up a lot of time which could otherwise have been devoted to work or to entertainment.
Slow Internet has different causes, each with its own solution.
Here are three suspects to look into in case you’ve been experiencing slow Internet.

  1. Virus infection

Viruses can wreak havoc on your computer, especially if left undetected. If your PC is infected, the virus could be eating up your bandwidth and spreading spam or attacks online.
Check for a computer virus on your PC by installing anti-virus software. Run a scan and follow succeeding instructions thereafter. If no virus is found, your Internet slow down could be caused by something else.

  1. Background processes

Isn’t it wonderful how your computer can perform tasks in the background without your supervision? It is and it isn’t. On one hand it’s good because those automatic updates help keep your computer safe, secure, and up to date. BUT, the downside is your computer will not stop performing those updates and background processes unless you instruct it to stop.
Note that software updates can slow your Internet speed significantly, and your computer downloads them automatically. What’s worse is when programs make use of your computer for file uploads – your Internet connection can then be reduced to a crawl.

  1. Shared connections

Shared bandwidth could be the cause of your Internet slow down. Because most home and office Internet connections make use of shared bandwidth, everyone is forced to suffer slower connections when numerous users all try to use their full bandwidth allocation. In cases like this, there isn’t enough Internet service to allow everyone to use their Internet service at maximum speed. It all boils down to the finding the right ISP.
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