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October 6, 2016 9:21 am

activ8me connecting families
Bruce Shaw is a resident of Johns River, NSW and has four grandsons that keep him active. One of his grandsons, Sam, is getting into competitive sports and although Bruce may not always be able to attend Sam’s games, he is able to see  highlights and keep in contact with his family through the internet.

“I have four grandsons and they keep me active, particularly the one Sam, who’s catching up with sports and so on. If we can’t go into a match, hopefully we’ll be able to video or something and send it back to us via the internet,”

The availability of the internet allows grandparents like Bruce to keep in touch with family living in cities across Australia through internet enabled applications like social media, instant messaging and video chat. These communication methods are instant and make communication seamless and dynamic compared to telephone. Applications such as Skype and Face Time allow real time video chat between family and friends, able to talk with each other face to face over  devices.
A good internet service has been previously considered a rarity for residents living in rural and regional Australia. Unlike their city counterparts, who enjoy fast, affordable internet and the new technologies that come with it, rural and regional residents are often left behind.
Enter the new Sky Muster™ Satellite, the new satellite internet service from the National Broadband Network (nbn™) that is now available from nbn™ Retail Service Providers (RSP) such as Activ8me. Sky Muster™ brings a much improved and faster satellite internet connection to families living in rural and regional service.
Now, families across the the country can access and enjoy new ways of communicating with their relatives and friends. Platforms such as Facebook, Skype and Face Time which were commonly used by Australians living in the cities can now also be enjoyed by families in rural and regional Australia.

“Now that the new Sky Muster is here, people are able to do all sorts of things that people in the city take for granted,”

-Ian Roberts, Activ8me’s Marketing GM.

With Sky Muster™, family communications over the internet are made more enriching and meaningful as talking to loved ones is no longer restricted to over the phone.
“We’re able to keep in close contact rather just rely on the telephone call by having the internet here. It’s so much better,” added Bruce.
The nbn™’s Sky Muster satellite brings better satellite internet connectivity for families living in rural and regional Australia. To get onboard Sky Muster, call Activ8me today 13 22 88 or visit:

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