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July 12, 2015 10:14 pm

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Image Courtesy of Illawarra Mercury

Coffs Harbour is leading the way for the National Broadband Network Rollout as slow internet is a fading memory thanks to the NBN.
Members of the Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce met with NBN Co’s Darren Rudd, the lead community affairs manager to discuss the progress of the current rollout.

“Coffs Harbour has the largest continuing NBN footprint in Australia with 25,000 properties able to connect to a fibre optic network. The region is in a driving position to attract and maintain businesses – people shouldn’t have to live in Sydney or Melbourne to be able to compete on a national and global level.”

Mr Rudd to Coffs Coast Advocate.

The meeting was also about addressing the problems encountered earlier this year in which the Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce sought advice.

“The complexity with this model is you have a retail service provider and the NBN behind them – in most cases a service provider will investigate an issue, which then may be raised with the NBN.”

George Cecato, Chamber of Commerce President said that ever since Coffs Harbour was selected as a part of the second group of rollout areas for the NBN, much had progress.

“The productivity achieved through increased speeds is a major bonus for businesses… it makes Coffs Harbour a stronger place to do business and invest in,” Cecato told the Coffs Coast Advocate.

While areas like the Northern Beaches are yet connected to the NBN, Darren Rudd said that they are looking to connect those areas in the future.

“The NBN will definitely come to those areas but the timeline for the rollout has not been finalised.”
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