How to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal at Home

December 6, 2015 10:22 pm

Are you sick and tired of poor Wi-Fi signals and even dead spots in your home or office?  There are measures you can take to correct the problem and solve it once and for all so you can make the most of nbn broadband plans.
Follow this list to boost your router’s range and speed whether at home or at work.

  1. Storage – To achieve the strongest possible signals, place your router on a flat surface that is elevated and off the floor. The higher and more out in the open it is, the better the wireless connection. For multi-level properties, position the router on the topmost floor to achieve maximum coverage.
  2. Channel – Just like your TV, your router has channels you can change. Changing it can help decrease interference from other networks nearby. Follow the instructions on your existing router model and switch channels until you find one that can hold and maintain a strong and stable connection.
  3. Antenna – Your router probably already has an antenna, maybe even two. But, if you find that they’re not strong enough for signals to distribute to distant areas and far corners, then you should look into buying a high-gain or a booster antenna which is meant to extend and strengthen the range of your router.
  4. Extender – Also known as repeaters, these Wi-Fi extenders rebroadcast Wi-Fi signals and improve its speed and range. They can be used alongside high-gain antennas too.
  5. Security – Secure your Wi-Fi network by keeping it away from neighbours. You can do this by switching off its SSID (Service Set Identifier) broadcasting option. It will prevent other strangers within the vicinity from discovering your network and potentially connecting and slowing it down. What’s more, it decreases the risk of you getting hacked. Lastly, don’t forget to password protect your Wi-Fi network.

Stay tuned to learn more useful tips on how to get the best possible connection at home. To know the best internet plans for your home, you can visit our Plan Guru or call sales on 13 22 88. Our friendly representatives will help you choose the best nbn™ and how to connect.

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