The benefits of Cloud Computing and how NBN Co is bringing Australians Closer to it

February 24, 2015 9:48 pm

cloud computingYou’ve probably heard a lot of talk about “the cloud” but have yet to fully understand what it is. As the National Broadband Network aims to bring the benefits of the Cloud Computing Revolution to Australians, now is the perfect time to gain a better understanding of what it really is.
Internet-based computing
Basically, “the Cloud” refers to the access and storage of data and applications on the Internet instead of your computer or any other personal storage device. Visually speaking, when you use the cloud, you are kind of like plugging your computer onto the Internet and using it to access and to store data. However, taking advantage of its full benefits requires good and stable upload and download speeds coupled with a generous data package.
So, have you used the Cloud? You might answer no to this question without realising that you have, in fact, used it already. How, you ask?
If or when you do any of these things, you are already using the Cloud:

  1. Upload photos on social media.
  2. Save files on Dropbox or Googledocs.
  3. Get music from iTunes or any other (media) content from iCloud.

This means you have access to your data anytime, anywhere. Since your files are not stored on your PC, but are instead in the Cloud, you can access them whenever you want, wherever you are as long as you are connected to the Internet.
How will the NBN bring the Cloud closer to Australians?
The National Broadband Network will be enabling cloud services in the country – making new cloud-based services available and easily accessible to homes and businesses across Australia. The NBN rollout will gradually help rid Australians the many storage devices they still continue to use to store all their files as faster NBN wireless broadband will allow them to upload their data to the Cloud.

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