Activ8me Fixed Wireless services have moved to nbn™ Fixed Wireless PLUS

July 15, 2013 9:30 pm

Activ8me Fixed Wireless PLUS is available at any nbn™ Fixed Wireless location, at no extra cost!

Activ8me is pleased to offer all of our Fixed Wireless customers nbn™ Fixed Wireless PLUS.

nbn™ Fixed Wireless Plus is a new version of Fixed Wireless services offered by certain nbn™ RSPs (Retail Service Providers).

The major advantage of Fixed Wireless Plus is that there’s no particular data speed specified.

You will enjoy the best speed available at your location and at your time of use, which will vary depending on factors including environmental, such as distance and line of sight to the tower, equipment (hardware and software), settings and positioning of in-home Wi-Fi modems, network and congestion issues, time of use and the number of devices simultaneously using your service.

Our fixed wireless service has a maximum theoretical speed potential of 75mbps download and 10mbps upload.

It’s important to note that neither of these speeds are indicative of the typical speeds your service will achieve; they are a description of the technical limitations on the nbn™ network your service is provided over.

We will be able to assist you with measuring your speeds once the service has been connected at your address.

Regional Australians in eligible nbn™ Fixed Wireless coverage areas can also have all the required nbn™ Fixed Wireless equipment installed free-of-charge by an nbn™ approved technician.

Our friendly Australian team can arrange everything over the phone.

You can learn more about Fixed Wireless technology from the nbn™ here.

Unlimited data plans are available for $69.95 per month, with NO setup fees and NO lock-in contract!

See all our nbn™ Fixed Wireless PLUS plans here!

No new equipment is required for existing nbn™ Fixed Wireless customers to change their service over to Activ8me!

If you’re interested in signing up to nbn™ Fixed Wireless PLUS with Activ8me you can do so online by calling us on 13 22 88.

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