Activ8me boosts reliability of its Sky Muster service

January 23, 2019 10:08 am
Activ8me boosts reliability of its sky muster service

Activ8me boosts reliability of its Sky Muster service

Melbourne, Australia: As part of their commitment to providing better and more reliable access for customers in rural and regional Australia who rely on nbn Satellite internet services, Activ8me have installed a second back-haul fibre link between their network and the nbn network. This type of commitment to performance and reliability is the cornerstone of the level of service that Activ8me are dedicated to providing for their existing and future customer base.
Activ8me understand the value of investing in technologies that further support and guarantee service to their customers. Following damage to their primary fibre cable a few months ago that resulted in an outage for their entire satellite network for 36 hours, Activ8me committed to installing a second link. This second link is entirely separate from the initial link and ensures continued service should any type of damage occur to either cable. Activ8me CEO, Martin Camilleri, said that “Activ8me takes very seriously its responsibility to provide service to the satellite customers, many of who are remote and rely heavily on their internet connection for communication.  We have seen the impact that a link failure can have on our customers, and the chance of two independent links failing at the same time is very remote indeed.”
The second link is installed and operational now, and almost immediately proved its worth after the initial link experienced an outage. Activ8me are happy to report that the new link seamlessly carried all traffic and no users experienced any outage or loss of session. The two links are active at all times with the internet traffic shared between them. If one link fails, the traffic is automatically switched to the second.

  • Activ8me install a second fibre link to boost the reliability for its satellite internet users
  • After undertaking activity to create the second link, services have been engineered so that all internet traffic is seamlessly carried in case of an outage.
  • Activ8me customers can be more confident in the reliability and continuity of their services, and feel more protected against outages.

About Activ8me: Activ8me is Australia’s number 1 supplier of nbn satellite internet services, servicing rural and regional Australia for over 15 years. As acknowledged experts in remote and rural communications technology, today they offer the latest innovation in nbn satellite, fixed wireless, fibre, public Wi-Fi, and voice (VoIP) as well as telephone to metro, rural, and regional customers across Australia.
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