Activ8me and nbn to Trial Fully Uncapped Data (and 100mbps Burst Speed) on Sky Muster Plus

March 7, 2023 1:09 pm

Activ8me and nbn to Trial Fully Uncapped Data (and 100mbps Burst Speed) on Sky Muster Plus

Finally, Uncapped Video Streaming is Being Trialled on Sky Muster Satellite Services!

Activ8me has been working with nbn for some time to devise a better Sky Muster® product, by offering faster speeds and uncapped data for ALL activities, including video streaming (like Netflix) and VPN traffic. 

We’re delighted to announce a new trial that aims to do just that, with all day unmetered data and higher speeds on Sky Muster. 

Commencing in March 2023 and running for three months, we’ll provide select Sky Muster® Plus customers access to uncapped video streaming/VPN traffic with burst speeds of up to 100mbps download and 20mbps upload. 

This speed is a huge step up from the current maximum speeds of 25/5mbps, with the trial aiming to ensure the viability of these speeds to be rolled out to a broader user base. 

The first phase of the trial will test the quality and reliability of the Sky Muster® satellites to provide this faster speed and uncapped service on one beam, beam 47 (north of Melbourne), allowing nbn network engineers (who are primarily based here in Melbourne) to iron out any issues with the enhanced capabilities.   

A second phase starting April will then involve expanding coverage to 12 beams, before rolling out in the final month (May) to all customers Australia-wide on Activ8me’s SMP75 plan and above. 

While the trial will initially only include customers on the Sky Muster Plus 75GB peak plan and above, nbn has reserved the right to expand the scope of the trial to also apply to other Sky Muster® Plus services on lower plans, if the initial test results are proving successful or there is scope to include more participants in the trial. 

It’s worth noting that in line with the current Sky Muster® Plus service, any traffic can be shaped from time to time at nbn’s discretion if they consider it necessary to proactively or otherwise protect the network. 

Test Participants will have access to the increased, uncapped usage allowance and increased speeds while the trial is in progress. 

Standard monthly charges will continue to apply to customers on the trial, as per their existing service, with no additional charges for being included in the test. 

The test aims to verify the capability to operate services with higher consumption quotas and higher speeds, ensuring an adequate service performance is maintained for these services and all other existing satellite services on the Sky Muster® and Sky Muster® Plus networks. 

We have contacted customers via email to let them know of their opportunity to be part of the trial and will communicate with all eligible customers to offer them the opportunity to participate in the trial as it progresses to their region. 

  • participate in nbn surveys, with Activ8me’s support, to assist in determining the quality and reliability of the trial services 
  • follow testing instructions, including running speed tests
  • use an Activ8me router or ensure their router can reach speeds of 100/20mbps. 

Should the trial be successful, we will be looking to launch in conjunction with nbn new Sky Muster® Plus plans that incorporate these faster speeds, as well as uncapped data for all activities, including Video Streaming, shortly after the conclusion of the trial. 

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