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October 31, 2016 11:51 am

The expanding footprint of the National Broadband Network (nbn™) is connecting regional Australia to the internet like never before.
The regional city of Wodonga is the newest area to be connected to the nbn™ is considered a major milestone when it comes to the rollout of the nbn™ towards its 2020 vision of a broadband connected Australia.
The nbn™ Community Affairs will be holding an event in Wodonga to help highlight the opportunities that come with the nbnTM availability in Wodonga.
The nbn™ event is a Residential Expo on Thursday 10 November, 3pm-6pm at The Cube Wodonga, 118 Hovell Street. Residents will be able to find out which nbn™ internet service is available for their homes and they will be able to learn the benefits of an nbn™ connected home:

  • Connectivity for each member of the family through platforms such as Wi-Fi.
  • Boundless entertainment from streaming HD videos, online gaming and shopping.
  • Access to educational resources as an aid to the studies for students
  • Enhance productivity and allow for flexible working hours for parents

In servicing the diverse geography of Australia that includes Wodonga, the nbn™ uses a mixed utilization of internet service technologies in bringing the most effective broadband for homes and businesses. Wodonga has the following nbn™ internet services depending on footprint availability and can be ordered from nbn™ Retail Service Providers like Activ8me:

  • nbn™ Sky Muster Satellite Internet Service – Sky Muster™ is the new satellite internet service from the nbn™ and offers a much improved internet connectivity compared to the previous satellite service. Sky Muster™ internet is now available in Wodonga and residents who are outside the nbn™fibre and fixed wireless coverage can connect to Sky Muster™.
  • nbn™ Fixed Wireless Internet Service –Fixed Wireless is the wireless internet service being offered by the nbn™. A small antenna installed on your premises picks up a signal from a wireless tower and allows you access to the internet. With speeds up to 25Mbps, the service is much faster than standard ADSL internet services available in regional areas. The nbn™ recently completed the build for the fixed wireless internet and Wodonga is now ready for service alongside areas that include Lake Hume, Yackandandah, Barnawatha, Chiltern and Springhurst.
  • nbn™ Fibre to the Node (FTTN)–The fibre to the Node service or FTTN utilises the existing copper network to connect a premise from a nearby FTTN cabinet or micro-node. Over 8,500 premises in Wodonga can now connect to FTTN and 14,000 additional premises will be ready for FTTN in February 2017.

nbn wodonga expo november 2016

“With so many options it can be confusing so the nbn Expo in Wodonga is a perfect opportunity to come and find out which nbn service is available at your premise, when it will be available and how a fast nbn Internet connection will open up new possibilities and revolutionise the way you live” said Ian Roberts GM Marketing, Activ8me.
Residents of Wodonga who would like to learn more about the nbn™ and get connected can meet and have a chat with Activ8me. The Activ8me team will be able to answer all your nbn™ questions, help you get connected to the best nbn™ deals in town.
See Activ8me at the nbn™ Residential Expo
nbn™ Residential Expo
The Cube Wodonga, 118 Hovell Street, Wodonga
3pm-6pm Tuesday 8 November

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