Why Go for NBN Fibre Internet to Power Your Business

April 6, 2016 4:03 am

In this Anthropocene age, when human influence has become a geological force that shapes the global landscape, the Internet is considered as the most important communication and information tool, especially for everyday business operation and survival. It comes as no surprise that 94 percent of business owners and employees in almost any industry around the world are Internet users according to Regalix, a market research global leader. In its most recent State of B2B Marketing 2016 Report, it highlights digital as the new marketing where 86 percent of marketers prefer website as their most effective online channel.

What does this mean for your business?

In order to remain competitive, businesses need to maintain their online presence that can keep pace with the fast changing consumer demands. Modern consumers spend a lot of time online demanding a quick response. The type of broadband platform makes a big difference on whether or not a company can keep up. Hence, many companies are finding it most important to have optimum Internet speed and are now opting for fibre-optics as their high-speed Internet connection. Not only does Fibre Internet keep them at par with competition, it also generates profit. It is faster than regular cable because it can physically handle more data at any single time. So far, fibre-optic Internet is the biggest digital pipe that technology has come up with and provides ultra fast connectivity solutions for all businesses.
Here are some compelling reasons why you need to opt for Fibre Internet to power your business: 

More Bandwidth

Fibre-optics can provide more bandwidth than copper wires and have standardised performance of 10 Gbps and above. A higher bandwidth means that fibre can carry more data with greater fidelity. Since your business heavily relies on the Internet for its daily operations, having a fast Internet access is imperative. With fibre-optics, there are no bottlenecks as fibre is the fastest data conduit available. The likelihood that you will ever experience Internet slow-downs while on fibre is low, which makes it a very reliable service.

Minimal Latency

Fibre Internet offers faster cloud connectivity access than any other network. Fibre’s symmetric speeds enable users to enjoy ultra fast upload and download speeds and no worries about latency. Through fibre, information packets are sent more quickly and reliably over the Internet allowing you to maximise data transfers. This technology utilises light for data transmission enabling signals to travel at light speed.

Cost Effective

With the current advances in telecommunications, the cost of fibre cable together with equipment has steadily decreased. Although a full fibre rollout may cost higher than copper in the initial set-up, it is less expensive for long-term use as costs drastically decrease as this service becomes more commonplace. Furthermore, fibre-optic cables are more durable, cost cheaper to maintain, have less downtime, and require lesser networking hardware than copper networks. Ultimately, Fibre Internet is a more cost-effective investment for business organisations of all sizes.

Data Security

While copper lines are easily subjected to corrosion and electromagnetic interference, fibre optics are immune to these problems. All of your data are secured with fibre-optics since it is almost impossible to tap because it does not radiate signals. If ever a fibre cable is tapped, it is very easy to monitor as the cable will leak light and cause the entire system to fail. It will be readily apparent if there is any attempt to break or intrude the fibre system’s physical security. A fibre network is safe and enables you to put all electronic components and hardware in a central location eliminating the need of setting up various wiring closets throughout the building. 
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