Who Invented the Internet?

April 13, 2014 5:32 pm

who-invented-the-internet -

“Have you ever wondered who actually invented the Internet?”
There are billions of people around the world using the Internet; and for whatever reason, it makes everything much easier and convenient. Its just brilliant to see how the Internet develops in today’s primary tool for almost everything we do. It is very evident how the Internet changes everything. In fact, it even changes the lifestyle of the people. It has become a way of life for most of us.
The Internet allows us to do a lot of things. We can use it for research, communicate with people in the best possible way, get updated with the news, watch movies, listen to music, shopping, and start your own business.
You can even build your own “empire” by simply sitting down in front of your monitor. And if Facebook, Twitter, and other websites are making millions, how much is the one behind all this is making? Gazillion?
So who invented the Internet? Many people are confused by the different claims and myths that often lead them to nowhere. This video will shed light on this matter. Let’s see how it connects the little bits of puzzle pieces.

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Video Credit:  Kurzgesagt


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