Virtual Reality showcasing Australian farming and agriculture

August 29, 2017 5:27 pm

Virtual Reality is no longer limited to gaming and recreation. The platform is now often seen as a tool to further awareness and education, especially in various industries.
With a new VR experience launched at the Rockhampton show, you can walk in the boots of a farmer. According to a report by Illawarra Mercury, a farm virtual experience was created as a way for city folks and students to get a realistic glimpse of day to day farm life.
Spearheaded by Tim Gentle and Think Digital, the VR immerses users into different farms to show the journey their food takes, the different careers available, and the types of technology used in the field.
With the VR headset, the user can view a 360-degree view of different farms, making them feel like they are sitting in the back of a farmers ute.
Mr. Gentle said the experiences provided by Farm VR are aligned with educational materials. He also said it is currently being used in schools, with the hope that as well as teaching young Australians about the reality of their food, it may encourage some to look into the industry as a future career.

“We’re working with agricultural teachers,”
“From Urrbrae Agricultural High School in Adelaide we had two teachers delivering virtual classroom experiences out in the paddocks and in the cattle yards delivering lessons.
“You can imagine the teacher up the front talking to the students, telling them they’re going to head to a farm – not literally, but virtually – and they put on their headsets, and they’re at a farm watching an agricultural teacher deliver a lesson.”

VR such as this has the ability to close geographic gaps between those who may live hundreds of kilometres apart, and gives a new educational tool regardless of the lesson being taught.
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