The Top 5 Apps for Agribusiness in 2018

October 11, 2018 10:10 am
Our Pick of Agribusiness Apps in 2018

Our Pick of Agribusiness Apps in 2018

  1. SHEQSY:

SHEQSY is a cloud based lone worker health and safety platform simply deployed to monitor employees with smartphones (iOS & Android) and personal handheld satellite trackers (SPOT Gen3 & Garmin InReach SE+). The SHEQSY administrator tool enables businesses to see the real-time location of employees and be notified if the duress alert is activated on their device. SHEQSY helps businesses manage their workplace health and safety obligations while achieving productivity improvements through reporting and management outcomes.

  1. Weatherzone:

Weatherzone is a free app for smartphones that contains essential weather information such as real-time temperature, humidity, wind, rain and lightning alerts. Additionally, the app displays 7-day forecasts for over 2000 Australian locations, includes a high-resolution animated rain radar, and a graphical display of the coming 48 hours’ worth of hourly temperatures, wind, and chance of rain.
Available: iTunes, Google Play, and

  1. Agworld For Farmers:

Agworld actually has two sides to their app – one side for farmers, and the other side for agronomists. They promote their platform as a place where they are able to bring both farmers and agronomists together to collaborate in an environment where efficiency is maximised. For farmers, the software enables interactive maps for a clear picture of your farm’s activities, on the spot data capturing with or without internet, collaborative planning tools that include budgeting, and product and pest information. With detailed reporting information available and the ability to perform crop and pest pressure monitoring easily, the Agworld app is reportedly used by over 28,000 subscribers.

  1. iHerd:

iHerd was designed to simplify the herd management process for station owners and managers. Features of the app include property management (the ability to enter details about properties, yards, and paddocks), herd management including numbers by type and location, multiple user options, complete herd change management, and a treatment cabinet which enables management of batches of specific chemical containers in order to maintain records of any treatments given to stock. The ability to synchronize the data between devices means time saved and increased productivity.

  1. Farm Manager:

Farm Manager is an app that was developed to allow farmers to record cropping, livestock, and machinery procedures. It allows access to this information via syncing to multiple devices and a cloud storage backup option for safe keeping. Beyond the ability to record historical data on planting, harvesting, livestock, and machinery maintenance, the app allows you to take photos of your crops, livestock, paddocks, and machinery and link them to your data.

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