Tips for a Router Speed Clean Up

December 27, 2015 10:20 pm

If you’re looking for a way to operate your Internet at top speeds, do not let a slow router stop you. You ought to be enjoying the full speeds you pay for each month.
In case you’ve been getting a slow Internet experience, we’ve got top tips to help you improve your wireless router’s speed.

  1. Run a speed test.

Test your wired connection first before moving on to your Wi-Fi. Run a speed test with a device that’s directly connected to your modem. Log the numbers then test different areas in your home using your Wi-Fi router. The difference between a wired and wireless connection will be evident as wired connections are generally faster than Wi-Fi.

  1. Position your Wi-Fi router correctly.

You’ve already read tips on proper Wi-Fi router storage, so remember to position it away from walls or other sources of interference. As much as possible, keep it in the open and in a central location inside your home or your office. It will spread the signal better.

  1. Secure your connections.

Don’t let other people use your connection because it would mean slower speeds for you. Give access only to the people in your household and secure your network with a password. While you’re at it, keep your devices protected as well by performing regular virus scans.

  1. Shut down.

If you don’t want your devices dividing your bandwidth into small, speed-sucking connections, close browsers and switch devices off when not in use.

  1. Upgrade your router.

Outdated equipment might not be able to support your wireless connection needs at home or at work. It is for this reason that you may have to upgrade to a newer Wi-Fi router, PC, and other devices. This can make a huge difference in your wireless speed and allow you to really enjoy the full potential of Activ8me’s NBN Fixed Wireless Plans.
Stay tuned to learn more useful tips on how to get the best possible connection at home. To know the best internet plans for your home, you can visit our Plan Guru or call sales on 13 22 88. Our friendly representatives will help you choose the best nbn™ and how to connect.

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