Tips to Avoid Gadget Overheating For the Summer

October 27, 2015 9:33 pm

With summer fast approaching, days are expected to get warmer in the coming months. While this can be a great time for outdoor activities and vacations, the heat can cause some serious damage to computers and other electronic gadgets.
These five tips can help you keep your gadgets cool throughout the summer months.

  1. Store it away from direct heat and sunlight.

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Do not make a habit of placing your gadgets by the window, under direct sunlight. If your computer is situated in an area where it gets hit directly by heat, move it. This will prevent your expensive electronics from overheating and getting damaged.

  1. Give it breathing room.

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Leave at least 2-3 inches of space around your devices to allow proper airflow. Obstructed airflow among devices caused by blocked vents or improper storage may lead to faster heating and critical temperature levels during use.

  1. Keep it clean.

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To prevent obstructions from blocking vents and dust from slowing down fans, make sure computers and other electronic equipment are kept clean. Use a can of compressed air to clear the dust away from gadgets.

  1. Do not stack them.


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Proper storage of devices cannot be emphasised enough. One major cause of overheating is devices stacked on top of the other or stored very closely together. Always keep equipment spread out and not crowded together as this causes heat to transfer and spread among all devices.

  1. Shut it down and let it rest.


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When gadgets overheat, they have a tendency to malfunction. When this happens, the best thing to do is to stop using the device, shut it down, and let it cool down. The only time it is safe to attempt to use it again is when the casing becomes cool to the touch.
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