The Best Agricultural Apps for 2014

January 29, 2014 5:18 pm


While values such as a strong work ethic and perseverance will always be integral to the agriculture industry, the way the industry works is being changed thanks to satellite internet. Just like every other part of society, there have been several mobile apps developed for farms. Here are some of the top agriculture apps for 2014:


  1. Field Tracker Pro (Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, Windows)

Time is of the essence for all people, especially farmers, and this app makes recording and accessing important information quicker than ever.  Important information such as seed, fertilizer, and spray requirements can be recorded in advance with Field Tracker Pro, and then accessed at your own convenience. There is also offline capability to view previously accessed information.

  1. Agra Scout (Android, iPad, iPhone)

Schedule scouting so you never lose track during the busy growing season, share field findings internally or with growers before you even leave the field, and identify disease, weed, and insect problems before they create major yield loss with Agra Scout.

  1. AgDNA (Android, iPad, iPhone)

The ultimate farm planning app, AgDNA assists with boundary mapping, record keeping, in-field communications, and live equipment tracking. It also allows you to share your farm setup with your operators and contractors, and compare your activities with growers around the world.

  1. Seeding Rate Calculator (Android, iPad, iPhone)

Thanks to this app, the seeding process has never been easier. It tells you exactly how much seed is required to produce a desired plant population. Calculating the seeding rate is as simple as entering the desired number of plants, total known weight, germination percentage and mortality percentage.

  1. Grain Calculator (Android)

Supporting corn, oats, what, barley, and soybeans, this app calculates the amount of grain stored in a round bin. By providing a minimum of wall height and bin diameter, the tonnes or number of bushels can be calculated. Factors such as grain moisture and test weight can also be adjusted to provide a more accurate result. Results can be saved to your mobile device, so they can be retrieved at any time.
These apps can greatly improve the efficiency in which farms are run, as farmers now have the ability to keep all their key data in one place. Farmers can now access years’ worth of information from the palm of their hand, and know what is happening on all areas of their farm without physically having to be there. NBN wireless internet now means stacks of paper that can be easily lost or damaged are no longer required, as information can now be streamlined into one device. In order to enhance the use of these apps, you can purchase Activ8me Broadband. Activ8me began servicing only rural and regional communities, and values the important contributions farmers make to society. What other apps have you used that you found to be useful?

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