Smart Cities Key to Australia's Future Economy

March 24, 2017 5:02 pm

Everything we’ve come to know is slowly getting a “smart upgrade.”  Smartphones, smart TVs, smart watches and now, smart cities.
An article from IT Wire reports that smart cities hold the key to Australia’s future economic prosperity.  Nokia claim that if the country’s political and industry leaders exert more focus on developing smart cities, it will enable the country to prosper.
Nokia’s new report details the risks if Australia fails to develop smart cities and contribute to the digital economy.
However, the report also said Australia has a clear opportunity to “define and develop better policies and structures to leverage the benefits of emerging technologies.”
According to Ray Owen, Nokia’s Coeana Market Unit head, it’s important for Australia to grasp the importance of technology-driven shift. 

“Networked data is now fundamental to the design and management of all kinds of infrastructure and services, raising new possibilities for users, for businesses and for the national economy.”
“The possibilities are substantial, but success will require significant and tangible policy focus. Several key metrics measured by the World Economic Forum highlight that Australia is falling behind today.”

Ray Owen Nokia Coeana Market Unit via IT Wire

Nokia’s research detailed how Australia can develop smart cities:

    • Eliminate the current technology “stovepipes” that separate the device, data and application environment;
    • Establish a standard City Digital Platform that empowers cities to define, resource and implement the required infrastructure and systems;
    • Unleash a national movement around digital innovation, building on current momentum with a focus on connected data;
    • Establish a new collaborative dynamic between business, government, academia and start-ups around smarter cities;
    • Lead the world with a city personalisation measure that serves to attract and retain the best talent; and
  • Facilitate public-private partnerships for city innovation.

The good news is, Australia now has capability to accommodate smart city development, as the National Broadband Network (nbn™) is being rolled out. It will provide a fast and stable Internet connection all throughout the country, which make “smart cities” very possible in the near future.
Fast nbn™ broadband Internet provides countless benefits for Australians.  Activ8me can provide you with the right advice to connect you to the nbn™. To check availability, go to our site and enter your address or speak to our Australian staff on 13 22 88.

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