Sky Muster™ Plus: Plans, Pricing & FAQ

August 8, 2019 10:49 am

Enjoy fast, reliable internet with unmetered data usage, for peace of mind, all of the time.

Sky Muster™ Plus. Available now.

How you’ll benefit:

Unmetered Usage

Unshaped Usage

Speed Burst

General internet browsing, using your email, and select operating system software updates won’t count towards your monthly data allowance. Once you reach your monthly data allowance, usagemcategorised as unmetered will remain unshaped. Your service may burst above the standard 25/5Mbps subject to available network capacity.

Sky Muster™ Plus may suit you if:

  • you reach your Peak Data limit each month;
  • you’d like to save your Peak Data for streaming movies, watching videos and other fun stuff, and;
  • fast, 24/7 access to email, online banking, social media and other essential content is important to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will be categorised as Unmetered Usage on Sky Muster™ Plus?

This has, for obvious reasons, been the most commonly asked question we’ve received from our current Sky Muster™ customers, so we’ve simplified the answer into the following table.

Unmetered Usage
Browsing the web
(static images and text only)
Visiting websites
Viewing images
Online banking
Online shopping
Sending and receiving emails
Using social media
(Static images and text only)
Using Facebook
Chatting on Facebook Messenger
Browsing Instagram
Chatting on WhatsApp
Using Twitter
Using LinkedIn
Updating your PC and smartphone operating system software Microsoft Windows
Windows phone
Apple OSX
Apple IOS

What will be categorised as Metered Usage on Sky Muster™ Plus?

  • Watching videos. This includes videos that start playing on their own, like videos in your Facebook and Instagram feeds, and video ads on websites.
  • Streaming content on sites like Netflix and Stan.
  • Spotify and any other audio streaming sites.
  • Any use via a VPN. If you don’t know what this is then it won’t matter to you, but if you do, then be aware that any use via your Virtual Private Network will count towards your monthly data allowance.
  • Gaming, including games on your phone, on your PC, and using a console like an Xbox.
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).
  • Uploading/downloading files to/from cloud storage and file sharing sites.
  • Application, gaming console and non-system software updates.

How much of my monthly usage will be unmetered on Sky Muster™ Plus?

The results of our recent Sky Muster™ Plus user trial revealed an average of one quarter of overall data use on Sky Muster™ Plus was categorised as unmetered. nbn co reported slightly higher results, revealing just over one third of total usage on Sky Muster™ Plus was categorised as unmetered.

The total use categorised as unmetered for any one customer will depend on how the service is used. We will continue to monitor the service and track results with nbn co over the coming months.

What happens if I go over my monthly data allowance on Sky Muster™ Plus?

Unmetered Usage will remain unshaped once you reach your monthly data allowance on Sky Muster™ Plus, meaning you’ll still be able to send and receive emails, use social media, update selected operating system software and use online banking without experiencing shaped speeds.

Metered Usage will be shaped to speeds of 512/256kbps in your Peak time and 2048/512kbps in your Off-Peak time once you exceed your monthly data allowance for that period. (Please note, from 7pm – 11pm, PC and smartphone operating system software updates may be shaped at the discretion of nbn co to wholesale speeds of 256kbps.)

How fast is Sky Muster™ Plus?

Sky Muster™ Plus has one speed tier of 25/5Mbps, with a Speed Burst feature allowing the service to burst above 25/5Mbps subject to available network capacity.

During our Sky Muster™ Plus user trial, test participants reported enjoying speeds in excess of 40Mbps, but please be aware – as these results were from a sample size only – they may not be indicative of actual results.

Can I switch between Sky Muster™ and Sky Muster™ Plus?

Yes. Switching to Sky Muster™ Plus and switching back again is as simple as calling 13 22 88. (At this stage, you aren’t able to switch to Sky Muster™ Plus or switch back via the Activ8me Members Area.)

There is no additional hardware required to switch from Sky Muster™ to Sky Muster™ Plus. Upgrading to Sky Muster™ Plus may mean a change to your billing date, and a new application will be required.

Can I buy data blocks for Sky Muster™ Plus?

Data blocks haven’t been released by nbn co as yet, so it’s not possible to increase the total data allowance or remove shaping for metered usage once you reach your monthly data allowance. Once nbn co releases data blocks, we will advise Sky Muster™ Plus customers via email.

What is the Sky Muster™ Plus Fair Use Policy and how will it affect me?

The Sky Muster™ Plus Fair Use Policy is exactly what is sounds like – a policy to ensure everyone uses the service fairly. It forbids routine transfers of emails more than 20MB in size, updating more than 20 devices’ operating systems simultaneously, and other unfair use as determined by nbn co.

I am not a current Activ8me customer. Can I join Activ8me on a Sky Muster™ Plus plan?

Yes! If you are a Sky Muster™ customer with another provider, our team can transfer your service to Sky Muster™ Plus with Activ8me.

I am not sure if I am eligible for this service. What do I do?

Please give our friendly Australian based team a call on 13 22 88 to confirm your eligibility for this service.

Read what our Sky Muster™ Plus test participants had to say about Sky Muster™ Plus:

“I now have more data to use for Netflix. In the past I had to limit myself.”

“When the kids use all my data on online gaming, I can still do my internet banking and receive and send emails without waiting forever to load.”

“I will need to wait for pricing to be given so I can weigh up the amount of unmetered data and what my actual usage will be.”

“It’s good to have a guarantee that essential internet applications won’t be slowed down.”

“In the past when I ran out of data, I had to drive into town to use their internet to do some of my work which is mostly emails banking and internet. I can now stay home and complete my tasks.”

If you’re ready to upgrade to Sky Muster™ Plus or you’d like more information, please give our friendly Australian based customer service team a call 7 days a week on 13 22 88.

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